Posted by: Kim | August 18, 2007

I Finally Did It!!!

Well, I finally took the plunge and started this little thing we call a blog.  It will take me several days to get this thing adjusted the way I want it and would welcome any suggestions.  My hope is that this blog will aid me in my walk with Jesus and will allow me another avenue to communicate with others.  You bloggers out there just knock my socks off and I look forward to this new journey I am taking.  I can’t really concentrate tonight because my oldest daughter is having a slumber party and there is a lot…I mean A LOT… of squeeling and screaming and laughing going on.  Come on back and check me out…



  1. Let me just guess…let’s see…um “High School Musical 2”?

    My daughter from the first screen said, “Ooooh! I just LOVE the 2!” The “2”.

    AAaaaaaagggghhhh! So glad you are sharing your life with us. Have fun, and I look forward to sharing your “bloggy” journey.


  2. Have a great birthday party for Big Girl!

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