Posted by: Kim | August 25, 2007

Feelin’ Yucky

Friday afternoon, the kids are home from school and my peace and quiet is officially over.  Each of them have a cup full of shaved ice thanks to the brand new snow cone/ice shaver my mom found for me at a yard sale.  Not really what I would consider a “snack” but it satisfies them these days.  M is already asking what are we having for supper.  She knows we will probably go out and is already asking for Mexican.  Now I love Mexican as much as the next person but after a couple days of taking allergy medication, my stomach is just not up for it.  As a matter of fact, nothing sounds good to me.  I will probably just go along for the ride. 

On a more serious note…SC called me earlier to say there was a fire out her way.  We think it is under control at this point but the road is closed and I am sure there are many residents uneasy at this point.  The way the wind is blowing today with this UNBARABLE heat, things are getting super dangerous.  Lord, we need rain and relief.  We know you hear our prayers and we stand firm on the belief that you will provide.  Protect the fire fighters out there and interceed with your power…not only for the fire in our county but the one in the neighbor county too.  Please make everyone extra careful and mindful of their surroundings.  Be with those who have to work outside in this heat…place your protective hand upon them.  We love you and we trust you…in the precious name of Jesus I pray…AMEN.



  1. Thank you for your prayers, sweet sister! Shawn saw some active fire on his way to work last night, but for the majority… it was under control and our house is still standing!

    Have a great day! I hope you feel better. It’s supposed to be cooler… only 92. 😉

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