Posted by: Kim | August 27, 2007


Another Sunday come and almost gone.  I just love being in the house of the Lord!!!  Nothing “spectacular” has to happen…I just like to be there.  I love my church and being with such an awesome group of believers just does something for the soul.  It recharges me…pumps me up…makes me look forward to the next time I get to be there.  Of course, I haven’t always been this excited about being in church.  It used to be, for me, just the thing you did on Sundays and sometimes on Sunday nights and Wed. nights.  Not anymore…not this girl.  I long to be in the house of the Lord.  I love to worship (awesome again this morning!!!!) and I love to hear what our fantastic pastoral staff has to say.  It doesn’t matter who is delivering the message or what role they play in the service…I just love it.   I was kinda bummed tonight because I thought choir practice was starting back up and I was ready to go but we didn’t have it tonight because of a youth thing.  That’s ok…I catch it next week.  I would love to see the choir grow…that is a prayer of mine.  There is soooo much talent in the church and with a church this size, there is really no reason we shouldn’t have a choir that just knocks your socks off!!!  I know there are many who love to sing for the Lord and this is a great opportunity.  Oh well…I will keep praying about it and start participating myself again ( I took the summer off but still do praise team in early church).  Well…time to get the girls in bed and start another week.  I glanced at the calender and I believe this is going to be a busy one but I am going to manage in some pool time tomorrow for sure.  I used to say that my favorite place to be was on the beach but I don’t think that is the case anymore…my favorite place to be is 2BC. 




  1. You did it! It’s nice to have another blogsite to go visit.

  2. Would you POST something?


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