Posted by: Kim | August 29, 2007

Random Thoughts…

Wednesday…hump day…middle of the week…the down slope.  So far this week I have accomplished absolutely nothing except for cooking supper the past 2 nights.  Two new dishes in 2 nights…I am on FIRE!!!  Monday night we had a new pork chop dish in the crock pot.  Had the in-laws over for supper and everyone (even the girls) enjoyed except for hubby.  He only took one bite of his…bless his heart at least he tried it.  Last night a pasta dish that was YUMMY…I mean YUMMY.  Very easy too.  I will post the recipie soon.  Today I am trying to get some laundry done and actually put away.  I also need to start on preparing G’s room to be painted…not sure if I will start on that today.  Laundry is ENOUGH!!!  I have some Sandi Patti cranking on the stereo right now…she is fantastic and really gets me going.  I have loved her for a loooong time and have recently rediscovered her.  A couple of weeks ago I bought 2 of her cd’s and that is pretty much all I have listed to since then except for when High School Musical 1 & 2 takes over the cd player (UGGGHHH).  Tonight we are going to eat at church (PRAISE GOD FOR MARSHA AND JOEY) and then will have to leave to make it to Gospel Fest by 5:45.  The choir from the elem. school that M is in will be opening the whole shebang.  She is excited and so am I.   I have been several times especially when I worked at the bank that sponsors the thing.  Last year was really good and I expect this year will be too.  So, if you don’t have anything to do…come on out to the Gospel Fest…bring your lawn chair and prepare to have a wonderful evening. 

Oh, I almost forgot….this morning was my regular time to go exercise but I am having some pretty intense back pain today so I thought best to skip.  I am really not prepared to have back surgery again and it’s only been a little over a year since I had the first one.  So…please pray that relief comes. 

Blessings – K



  1. Yeah! I got my “Kim fix”.

    Praying for your back.
    Sorry about the chops.
    Looking forward to the pasta.
    Still haven’t painted here after three years.
    Looking forward to lunch Friday.
    ….wish BoyWonder had tried out for choir.
    Need to do laundry, too! ***ugh***

  2. Take care of that sweet little back—-don’t want to spend another day waiting at the hospital, but will if I must. You are doing much better cooking this week than me. It has been quickie stuff for my family. Monday night—you know where I was—last night soccer. Tonight church…..and so it goes. I LOVE Sandi Patti too. Working on laundry room today—-finally I have shelves and cabinets. Glory!

  3. I have just gotten the strong desire to re-paint parts of our house. We’ve used these really intense, dark colors in the main areas, and I really think I’m tired of it and want to lighten it up. I’ve been inspired by all the creative women around me. Now, talking hubby into doing that….that will be hard!!

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