Posted by: Kim | September 10, 2007


Wow does not even begin to describe this past weekend at the Deeper Still conference.  My mind and spirit are still processing it all.  I can tell you this…the Holy Spirit was moving in a MIGHTY way this weekend.  As a matter of fact that sweet, powerful SPIRIT literally made me weak in the knees to the point I though I would end up on the floor!!  I will write more about that later.  Pricilla, Kay and Beth are soooo annointed by God in their teachings.  I praise God for gifting them as He has.  And the praise team….HOLY COW…I have never experienced such a time of worship.  What an amazing and talented group of singers and musicians and of course the sound and lighting people…they made it all happen.   My prayer is that I will never let go of this feeling I have…God took me to a place I have never been before in my spirit and I don’t want to leave…EVER!!!  I have tears in my eyes as I type….ladies, I have been blessed to the very depth of my soul.  Don’t ever settle for anything less again…believe and claim the fact that our Father wants to bless us this way every single day!!! 

My sweet friend Maggie has asked if I could hit the highlights of Friday night when Pricilla spoke and I would love to.  That will be in a separate post very soon…when I get my thoughts together.   CJ will be doing Sat. morning when Beth spoke and Maggie will be covering Kay.  Be sure and check out their blogs…there will be some goood stuff.

By the way…CJ and I got our picture made with Mandisa!!!!!!  Check it out on her blog.

Blessings – K


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