Posted by: Kim | September 25, 2007

Heebie Jeebies…

You know the feeling you get in your chest and stomach when something really startles/frightens you?  Well, that is how I am feeling this afternoon.  I was doing ok most of the day thanks to my mom…she called me @ 7am this morning and wanted to go to B’Green and I had to drive her (he he).  About half way through the day, my nerves started getting the best of me.  I didn’t sleep well last night so I know that is part of it but I am not looking forward to this MRI guided biopsy AT ALL!!!  The sweetest lady, who works at the raidology place where I am going, has taken me under her wing and I talked to her today.  She advised me to take a chill pill about 30 min to an hour before I get there tomorrow to help me relax.  I would take 2 of those things if I could.  Also, the dr. I was supposed to see on Thurs. called to reschedule for Friday @ 1:00.  He is not going to see any patients at all this week except for me.  I guess that is supposed to make me feel special but it doesn’t…it actually makes me more nervous.  Makes me think he is expecting bad news or something.  I guess we shall see on Friday…

On another note…my mom is coming up first thing in the morning to start helping me get my living room ready to paint.  I HOPE we can get it done this weekend so I can get my new furniture!!!  Now that would put a smile on my face!!!

Blessings – K



  1. I think I would take a chill pill in the AM AND right before you leave tomorrow.

    Of course, that’s just me. 😉

    I’m sorry that you’re having the heebie jeebies. I’ll be saying extra prayers for you today and tomorrow!

  2. Praying all will go as smoothly as possible and that the “chill pill” will work wonders! Love to you!


  3. I seriously need a blog entry from you every day. Call me needy. (Okay, so you probably already did that!

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