Posted by: Kim | September 26, 2007

Tuesday Adventure…

Well…the dreaded biopsy has come and gone and the actual procedure itself wasn’t as bad as the first one….PRAISE GOD!!!!  I had called ahead of time to see if they could just knock me out and apparantly they don’t do that but they told me to take on of my “nerve pills”.  I took it about 30 minutes before I got there and honestly couldn’t tell it was making any difference. 

After we left the radiologist office, we stopped for some potato soup at O’Charley’s….yummy!!!  Hubby, my mom and KB were with me and I was telling them how I couldn’t tell the medicine did any good and that I didn’t feel any different after taking it.  As we were sitting there, in a public place, I proceeded to actually stick my hand down my shirt to reposition my ice pack (yes, I really did this in public).  Then I started talking about where the biopsy was done and started pointing to show them where it was done and where the other one was done.  There was a poor man sitting diagonally from me who witnessed the whole thing.  He had a look on his face of “I can’t believe this woman just stuck her hand down her shirt!!!”  I had the feeling someone was watching me and when I looked at him, of course he immediately turned his head.  So…that’s when it dawned on me…the “nerve pill” did work and was making me slightly crazy!!!  Hubby, mom and KB were laughing at me.  I’m sure it was quite a sight!!!

So, fast forward to yesterday evening.  We got home just in time for soccer games.  My mom took my girls on out to the field so Jeff and I could catch our breath from the day’s events.  Well…all of a sudden, I started hurting so bad to the point of tears.  I had Jeff change my bandage and I was bleeding pretty bad and the entire side of my breast was hard as a rock!!!  Now that freaked me out!!!  So, he got me all bandaged back up and got me an ice pack to wear to the soccer games.  I actually put it back under my shirt and then put a light jacket on.  I also took 2 pain pills.  After about an hour or so, the pain started easing up and thankfully by the time we got home, the bleeding had stopped and the hardness was almost gone.  I went to bed and slept ok until about 1 am and had to take another pain pill.  I am pretty groggy this morning but I don’t plan to do anything today so I can be groggy. 

I am still doing the ice pack off and on and will throughout the day.  I’m not dealing with this pain thing very well, am I??

I am supposed to get the results of this biopsy on Friday…so we wait…again….UGGGHHH.

Blessings – K



  1. You just keep your feet up and watch TV and take groggy pain pills and nap. You deserve it after that ordeal.

    I remember after my milk came in when Meg was born–my boobs were hard as rocks. I kept bags of frozen peas on them just to keep the pain down some. I imagine yours is even worse than that.

  2. I’ve had rock-hard boobs before, too, but because of milk instead of what you went through.

    I’m glad that you had a better experience, so sorry that you have been hurting so badly.

    I hope to see you guys tonight!

  3. Can we say “boobs” on blogs now that we are linked to the church blog, Misty? HA!

    Okay…so I’m not going to use any anatomy words because you guys make me blush, but in any case, sounds very uncomfortable.

    I hope you get some relief today, girl! Nothing can make a girl scream more!

    I’ve read online where a few bloggers are calling them “babyfeeders”! HA!

    When your kids are 10 & 7, I don’t think the term “babyfeeders” works anymore!!!! Sorry we made you blush but it was them, not me…I used the correct term!!!!

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