Posted by: Kim | October 2, 2007

Lots going on…

Let’s see…where do I begin?  Probably the biggest news today is that I go to see the 2 surgeons in L’ville TOMORROW!!!  That’s right…tomorrow.  Thankfully I went to O’boro today to pick up my films to take with me…If I had waited until tomorrow, I would be up a creek.  I was “thisssss close” to putting it off.  God worked that one out, didn’t he? 

I am now sitting here waiting for my new furniture to be delivered!!!!!  Sometime within the next hour they are supposed to be here.  While I was in O’boro today, I stopped by TJ Maxx and got some of the most beautiful accessories for my new living room.  I can’t wait for the furniture to get here so I can start decorating and arranging.  I need a nice, peaceful place to recover after the big surgery you know!!!

A great big THANK YOU to C & J Dennis for helping paint on Sat.  You guys rock!!!!  I love my new paint!!!  We couldn’t have gotten it done without you. 

What else???  I will have to look up directions tonight to the dr. office in L’ville.  It is over by Baptist East Hospital…supposed to be on the same side of the street or something.  I’m glad I don’t live in a big city…too much stress and TRAFFIC. 

I am also in the middle of about 800 loads of laundry to get done so I can pack for our DISNEY trip.  We will be leaving Sat. afternoon  and spending the night in Chattanooga with my aunt.  Then heading out bright and early on Sun. for Orlando.  I also have to get my house clean by then and technically, I only have 3 days because tomorrow is taken with the whole dr. thing.  Oh well…if it gets done, great; if it doesn’t, it will still be here when we get back.

Man…is your head spinning like mine is?  That is just too much going on for a Monday afternoon.  I will be sure to update everyone on what I find out tomorrow.  I should come home with a surgery date.  If I have it the week after fall break, that means I won’t be back to church for a long time…not sure I like that idea.

How could I not mention worship yesterday?  Knocked my socks off again!!!  I just love being in the presence of God with my church family and let me tell you…HE WAS THERE yesterday.  The last song we sang was “It Is Well”…need I say more???

Blessings – K



  1. Awesome girl! I need you to help me decorate, obviously. You can get it done!

    Are you prepared for the Disney trip? I have some guide books and Eric can probably give Jeff some crash courses Wed. night! Learn two words: ‘lists’ and “fast passes”!

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