Posted by: Kim | October 3, 2007


How is a 33 year old woman supposed to handle the fact she has breast cancer?

Am I supposed to cry all the time?

Be depressed?

Feel sorry for myself?

Crawl in a hole?

Why are people so surprised that I am not doing all those things?

Am I just holding back?

Prentending to be strong?

I have not ONCE asked the questions, “God, why this, why me or why now?”… that’s what the norm is…right?  Why have I not done that?

Why have I not experienced anger over the whole situation?

Will I have a major breakdown at some point?

Am I showing faith and perserverance?

Am I doing and saying the right things to my girls?

I know I will never be the same again but will I feel “normal” or will I feel strange?

Am I living or at least try to live Galations 5:22-23?




  1. Everybody handles things in different ways.

    I think that pretty much sums it up. If one sits around asking “why?” to every bad thing that happens… they can not have peace, acceptance and move on with faith in God. They are stuck. Things happen. Bad things happen and they happen to Christians just like they happen to non-Christians. It is how we respond that shows and builds our faith.

    I am proud of you for how you are handling this. You have cried and you have been scared and anxious, but when it comes down to it… I think that you trust that God has this in his hand and you are going to be taken care of. I personally feel it is of God that this was found early enough that it is not life-threatening. Shoot… God loves you so much, he’s going to take the cancer and spruce up your body in the process. 🙂 How awesome is that… to take it completely out of your body and leave you a present in the process, although it may not feel like a present for quite a while.

    As most people know who read this blog, Shawn lost his dad earlier this year. It was fast and furious and obviously before his expected time. Not once did I hear Shawn question God. He prayed for peace and he was given it. He took it with open arms and has not once rejected it.

    We have to embrace God’s peace. It is there for the taking. It is when we try to make our life turn out how WE expected that I think we lose that peace. We must let go and let God take control. I love the analogy of holding a glass ball (think Christmas tree ornament). As we try to control things, we squeeze harder and harder… eventually we squeeze hard enough that it shatters. We have to learn to stop squeezing and trying to control life. Life will happen whether we try to control it or not.

    Whew…. sorry for the sermon. Not sure where that came from. 🙂 *insert sheepish grin*


  2. Girlie, I think you are amazing and how you are handling this is really showing the glory and grace of God. You are being a true witness to how God can work in one’s life and I’m truly blessed by you. Just wanted you to know. I am scared for you but at the same time I know that what He has in store for you is greater than and more amazing than any one of us can imagine. I love ya Kim and if you every need anything at all please know that I’m here.

  3. Amen, and Amen sisters!

    Sometimes the questions are as much work as the problem! I’ve had that trouble some lately!

    Great blogging.

  4. I think any of the above responses would be normal if they did happen to you. Don’t feel guilty or less of a Christian if you do have a freak-out or breakdown or are grumpy or even questioning God. He really can handle it.

    I know God gives us grace and peace to handle the hardest situations. I lived it through taking care of my mom when she was sick and died with lung cancer. I was strong only because Christ gave me strength: Phillipians 4:13.

  5. I think you have been magnificent! I have so admired they was you have proceeded through all this. You have gone forth so boldly. God really did prepare you and empowered you to walk through this. I know you will continue on in His strength and power. All I can say, is keep going girl and Glory be to His name.

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