Posted by: Kim | October 4, 2007


I got my furniture!!!

I got my furniture!!!

I got my furniture!!!

It looks sooooo good and I love it and now I have to put everything back where it belongs.  When I get my pictures and things back on the walls, I will take a picture and maybe Maggie can teach me how to post a picture OR maybe I can just email it to her and she can post the picture.  Now would that be fun or what?  You could check out my blog and her blog at the same time in a sense!!!



  1. Either way sounds good.

    Here’s the tutorial #1

    1. Download the infranview program (unless you have photoshop or photoshop elements).

    2. Upload pic to your computer.

    3. Downsize the pic to 500 pixels using either program (that requires a bit of tutorial).

    4. Upload it to WordPress with the box under your text editing box.

    5. Post on blog.

  2. Tutorial #2:


    Put it on your computer, instal.

    Right click on your picture, and choose “Open with: Infranview”.

    From the menu, choose: “Image”.

    Then, from the drop down list: “Resize/Resample”.

    Click box on the bottom right which says: “Preserve Aspect Ratio”

    Now, in the box that lists “Width”, type in “500”.

    Finally, select File|Save As, and here, create a folder for “downsized pics”. Do not overwrite your original picture. You will have two pictues saved on your computer…this is necessary.

    In “Downsized Pics”, you can leave the pic entitled the same, or give it a new name…just remember the name.

    Now. Go back to WordPress. Do, “Upload”

    Browse: (find the picture you downsized and select it)

    Now select on WordPress’s screen: “Upload”.

    It will upload.

    Choose either thumbnail or full size, and “none” for the second box. and click in the spot of your text where you want the picture to go, and then move it up there.

    If you select the picture, you can do center, right, or left justify…these are useful if you want to wrap the text around the picture.

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