Posted by: Kim | October 5, 2007

No big news today…

It has been a fairly uneventful day which is becoming more rare and rare these days.  If it’s not a doctor’s appointment for me then there is something going on with someone else.  I believe I even got to catch my breath at one point today.

I have been arranging the living room and cleaning in other rooms today.  I actually feel like I have accomplished a thing or two.  I am now on to the bathrooms…to clean that is.  I even have a new shower curtain liner to hang up…can’t wait to trash that old one!!!

I had been stressing about who was going to keep our dog next week while we are gone but I believe we have found a place.  I am hoping it will work out and I have told them that if he is too much, they can bring him home and I’ll have a plan B.  Anyway…I’m glad we found someone.

The next thing I will be lining up (after vacation) will be care for the girls for the 24th – 26th.  My in-laws are usually the ones to keep them but they want to be in L’ville with me for a couple days and truth be known…I want them there.   Ya’ll hometown gals be thinking about that.   It would be Wed. night, Thursday night and probably Friday night but I’m not sure. 

I am going to get on those bathrooms now.  Ya’ll come back now…ya hear? (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Blessings – K



  1. I just left you a message on your cell. I can keep them on the weekend if you decide that you need someone to take them to all of the things going on that weekend, but hopefully someone in B-town can keep them during the week. If H and your girls went to the same school… I wouldn’t even think about it for Wednesday-Friday. 🙂

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