Posted by: Kim | October 6, 2007

We’re off to see the wizzard…

Not really off to see the wizzard but I couldn’t come up with a catchier title.  We are actually off to the happiest place on earth…Disney World!!!  This is our first trip there and the girls are soooo excited.  Please pray for traveling mercies and lots of patience on my part!!!

So, I will not be posting until after we get back, which will be on Sunday the 14th.  I’m sure I will have lots of things to share about our trip.  I am looking forward to just being away from the everyday and having some quality family time.  I am also excited about the fact that I have 2 full weeks of NO DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENTS!!!!  Of course, after that, things will change drastically.  But for now…I’m off to see Mickey Mouse!!!!!

Blessings – K



  1. Yay! Hope you all have a safe, wonderful time. We want pictures!

  2. Have an excellent time finding your hidden Mickey’s!

  3. I hope you had a great time. I was there from September 29th until October 7th so it is very possible that we “saw” each other and never knew it…imagine that!

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