Posted by: Kim | October 16, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We are back safe and sound and completely exhausted!!!  Why didn’t someone warn me how tired I would be after a week at Disney?  Shame on you all!!! (just kidding)  We had a FANTASTIC time!!!  I don’t even know where to begin to tell ya’ll about it. 

For now, I want to share something that has spoken to me today…a song from Sandi Patty’s cd Falling Forward called You Call Me Yours…here are a few of the lyrics…

“You call me beautiful, You call me righteous, You call me worthy of Your son’s own precious blood, You call me holy, You call me strong at my weakest, forgiven and pure, You call me yours.”

Chew on that for a while…I just love it!!!

Blessings – K

p.s.  Disney details to come…



  1. Yup, DOG Tired !!! I needed a vacation to recover from the vacation! But, it was such fun that the pictures alone energized me for a good long while!

    So great to have you back home! Can’t wait to hear the details!

  2. I’m glad to hear you had a great time! We took H when she was 3 and I almost vowed to never EVER go back again. Now, we are planning to celebrate my graduation from RN school in 3 years by taking the girls to Disney. They will be 6 and 9… so hopefully it will be FUN!! 🙂

    Welcome back and thank you for your kind words this morning!


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