Posted by: Kim | October 18, 2007


Over the past several weeks, I have actually looked forward to going to the mailbox because not a day has passed that I haven’t received at least 1 card.  You all just don’t know how much it has lifted my spirits.  I have been truly amazed by the outporing of love from friends, family and even complete strangers.  God has revealed himself to me through all of you and I am soooo thankful.

God “stepped it up a notch” today.  Get a load of this…I went to the mailbox today and quickly flipped through things and noticed there were 2 different cards.  So, I get into the house, grab the first one (no return address), rip open the envelope, open the card and a $100 bill falls into my lap!!!  And you guessed it…the card was not signed.  I melted into a big puddle right there and offered up thanks to God for providing.   I also immediately thought of Bro. Ray’s challenge to practice random and intentional acts of kindness to go along with our “Fruit of the Spirit” 10 week challenge.  I don’t know if this was from someone in the church or not but if it was…Bro. Ray, people are paying attention and a great big high five to you!!!!  There really are people out there who practice true kindness and I have been on the receiving end of it lately and it blesses my socks off. 

Blessings – K



  1. We definitely serve an awesome God!!

  2. It’s wonderful to know you’re loved and cared for when times are tough. It really helps get you through. Yes, Christ is our strength, but He works through others too!

  3. I am always amazed but blessed by the way God works through individuals. You are a special child of God. I am glad that you are on the receiving end right now of the encouragement and blessings that come through God’s people. Halelujah!

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