Posted by: Kim | October 23, 2007

Stress relief…

Take a wild guess what I did today…go ahead…guess.  Let’s just see how well you know me based on the title of this post and leave me a comment giving me you guess. 

Please get on your knees and lift little Grace up in prayer.  For those of you who don’t know…she is my 7 yr old and she is having a major meltdown about my surgery and cancer.  I even kept her home from school today because she was so upset this morning.  More of the same tonight.  She just can’t process everything…all she knows is that her mommy is going away and having surgery for cancer.  She can’t see past that and she DOES NOT want me to go.  How do I ease her fears when I am a mess myself?




  1. You went and had a massage!!!

  2. OR you went shopping!

  3. Shopping!?!?!

  4. I’m betting on the shopping! With the daughter!

    Passing on those shopping genes!

    Sometimes, the authenticity is great for kids, but sometimes, they have trouble processing deep adult emotion.

    Often, I have to distract my younger ones and explain in little pieces as they can digest. Their stomachs are just so much smaller. I don’t want to “fake it” for them, but their world needs to feel secure, too. It’s a tough balance, leading and authenticity.

  5. Stress relief is not taking a 7 year old shopping, maybe out for ice cream OR laying in the bed watching High School Musical all day AND eating ice cream. Can’t wait to hear.

    Just know you’re in my prayers. I love ya.


  6. Poor baby. Just using simple terms and cuddling her up as much as possible is about all you can do. You’ll all be stronger when this passes.

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