Posted by: Maggie | October 25, 2007

Noon Update

The first update is, Kim just got a new blog header.  For those of you who don’t know blog-speak, I’m not talking about physical surgery, but to the picture and scripture above.  I hate to tell you this, Kim, as you are not here to defend yourself, but we were all not too thrilled with the title of your blog lately.  Yet, I found this scripture today and this picture, and…now, I can deal.  You can keep the title.  I hope you like it.  I also straigthened out the code in your sidebar (that’s the thing over >>>there with cool info on it).  I’d do your laundry too, if only it could be done on a blog. 

As to a prayer request:  I just got an email asking us to remember Kim’s mom.  As we could all expect, it’s not the most fun day in the world for a Mom. 

So, Mom…we are praying for you right now: 

Lord, be with Mom and help her to trust you with her “little girl”.  She could not be in the hand’s of a more caring Physician.  Amen.


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