Posted by: Maggie | October 29, 2007

Sunday Night Phone Call Interview with Kim

Maggie:  Hi, Kim!  It’s me…

Kim:  Yeah!  Hey!

Maggie:  So, how are you feeling today?!

Kim:  Oh, I’m okay, I haven’t had as good a day today, but I guess that’s just part of it.

Maggie: Oh…

Kim: Yeah, I almost passed out in the shower this morning.

Maggie:  No!

Kim:  Yeah, I’m a little zonked today.

Maggie:  Well, gotta recover.

Kim:  Yeah, I’m about to take my final walk today and then I’m going to drug up and sleep.  But, we’ll be coming home tomorrow, hopefully.

Maggie:  Yeah! 

Kim:  So, what have I missed there?

Maggie:  Oh…REVIVAL!

Kim:  Was he good?

Maggie: Oh, he was excellent!

Kim:  Good.

Kim:  I told your husband to give you a hug from me.  Did he?

Maggie:  I think he forgot.  Was it a real hug? 

Kim:  No, if he hugged me, like, I would have totally screamed in his ear.  I just told him to give you one.  He would have hurt me really, really bad.

Maggie:  Oh, well, that’s okay.  I’ll still get it from him.

Kim:  Okay.  Good.  My aunt in Chattanooga has been keeping up with the blog and she is blow away.  She says, “I love Maggie.  I just love that Maggie.” 

Maggie:  Oh, well that’s cool.  Tell her I love her too.  Actually, I’m transcribing this.  That’s why I’m having a hard time talking.  I’m typing.

Kim:  Well, good!  Write it on there…she can just read it then!

Maggie:  Yeah, I will!   Anything you want to say now that you know I’m writing? 

Kim:  Oh..yeah.  We just really want to thank everyone for their prayers.  The Lord Jesus has answered above and beyond what we could have imagined.  Also, did you hear that the final pathology?

Maggie:  I heard the initial results were negative.

Kim:  They are still negative, so we are in the clear.  Dr. Jones, one surgeon, said it wouldn’t hurt to keep consulting with an oncologist just to have that part of my record, but no reason for any kind of treatments.  So…yippie!

Maggie:  Yeah.  So, have you eaten today?

Kim:  Not a whole lot.  A lot of saltine crackers mainly.  And…some uh, like, cooked carrots, and…baked potatoes, you know, some soft things, nothin’ real hefty.  Just kind of working my way back into it.

Maggie:  Good.  How are the girls?

Kim:  Oh, they are good.  They came up today.  They, uh, I have these little pillow I hold over my stomach when I’m moving around, the doctors have signed one of them for me.  They put Grace and Madison, and a picture, I think it’s supposed to be of Gracie.  They were, you know, kind of clingy when it was time to leave, but tomorrow we don’t have to worry about that anymore. 

Oh, and I cannot WAIT to see my blog!

Maggie:  I’ve been getting emails.  It’s cool.

Kim:  Oh, I can’t wait.

Narrator:  Now we diverged  off to fill-ins of revival message and praise team stuff and how cool worship was tonight when we could HEAR the crowd singing above Brian’s mic…it was awesome.  We are excited about how to build on the thoughts on worship today.  I filled her in on the gist of the three messages she missed quickly.  She ate up every word and loved that.  She missed not being with us so much. 

Nothing is going to bless Kim more than to hear our body roar in worship with her on her first week back, whenever she is wish us!  I hope it is soon!  It’s all for Him…but I can’t wait to worship WITH her.  We are going to have one big party very soon singing His praises together!!!  He deserves it!

Prayer Needs:

  • Tomorrow for strength for travel and for a good first night home.  
  • Pray for Jeff as he moved her and tends to her.
  • Pray for the girls to have a sense of how to care for Mommy and give her rest she’ll need. 
  • Pray for the Lord to give her a grace period as she recovers.


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  2. Kim,
    It is SO awesome to see how our Lord has worked in your life over the last month or so. I praise Him for answered prayer and ask Him to continue to heal your body! I’m praying for you as you make your trip home and the days ahead. Please let me know of anything that I can do for you! Love you!

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