Posted by: Kim | November 1, 2007

On the mend…

I am home and on the mend and HEAVILY medicated so if something I say doesn’t make sense…sorry.  I am only taking a minute here but just have to say a few things…

1.  Thank you to Maggie for the awesome new blog header and for posting updates.  You rock!!!

2.  Thanks to everyone for the prayers…they were heard and answered.  Continue to pray for speedy recovery and no problems along the way. 

3.  I have to say how deeply my heart is hurting for the Smith family.  I am still processing it.  We all loved him…my kids loved him.  It’s going to be so different.  We are all in shock.

I am going to go back to the couch now…I will try to post again soon.

Love and blessings to all – K



  1. Glad you are home…we are praying for your quick recovery.

    We can’t wait to hear you sing with the praise team and worship with us again!!!!!

  2. So glad you’re back home! Rest, sleep, and mend. We look forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Great to hear from you. You and your family are in our prayers, also a lot of people at work are praying for you. Miss your smile and picking at me

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