Posted by: Maggie | November 2, 2007

Post Surgery Update

Alrighty.  It’s Thursday.  I’ve been a bit of a poor blog host for you this week.  My apologies.  Between Halloween and a couple losses affecting our church body this week, sick kids, and errands, it’s just been a little bit crazy.  Kim says she forgives me!  I hope you will as well!

So, here’s the scoop.  Kim is going for a check-up at the doctor tomorrow in Louisville.  She is seriously hoping they will take a couple drains out at that time.  Her apointment is at 12 our time, 1 Louisville time.  She hopes the ride is good.  She said the jarring on the way home was worse than she expected.  She was able to fall asleep, though, and that helped.

The kids were home from school, eating their snacks, getting the dog riled up.  They seemed to be doing well.

She misses not being able to come out to the funeral visitation for Joey tonight, but I told her a hug in a couple weeks would mean just as much and be just as remembered.  Many people find themselves not able to grieve at they’d like, for whatever reason…and God works it all out so that we are where we need to be when we need to be there.  Isn’t it great how we can rest in his grace? 

Kim still isn’t eating a lot.  She said her pain is under control, but she still just doesn’t have much of an appetite.  Her Mom is staying there with her and asking her if she wants grapes or pineapple or this or that about every hour, like Moms do.  She is so thankful to have her help,.  She is resting and not needing pain meds at night, but by morning, she is ready for them and ready to get up for it.  She’s not napping just during the day, just once in the afternoon before the girls get home.  She’s padding around the house and resting, reading the mail in between. 

Thanks for all your concern and prayers!



  1. Kim, it was wonderful seeing you yesterday! You look so fabulous… not at all like someone who has undergone such extensive surgery.

    I’m praying that they take out some of the drains today and that you continue to improve each day!

    Love ya!

  2. not lurking anymore….
    it was so good to see you yesterday! i can’t wait until you’re back up onstage praising and worshipping again!!! missed you wednesday night 🙂

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