Posted by: Maggie | November 9, 2007

From the Horse’s Mouth

Kim made it to her computer, and I just think that is worth a praise.  I know she is open with her condition and wording, so I’m going to post this as my update to her blog.  She obviously likes me more than you all or she would have posted it here.  🙂

Serioulsy, I think she just likes have a writer. 

The real problem is, I think, if she posted, that may be considered “work”, and we don’t want the fam thinking she can “work” yet.  So, I’ll do the blog-work…no prob!  I’d rather do the blogging than your laundry.  Though, I would do your laundry…if I could only get mine caught up.  ARG.  (Sorry, I digress) 😀   

Hey girl…just wanted to give you an update…

Yesterday I went back to the dr. in L’ville and got ALL of my drains removed!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!!  It makes things so much easier.  He said everything is looking good.  He gave me an antibiotic to take “just in case”.  Some of the spots where my drains were became a little red looking and he thought best to be safe than sorry.  I agree!!  He stressed how important it was for me to do NOTHING.  He said just because I may be feeling a little better and got rid of the drains in NO WAY means that I can do more.  I still have lots of healing left to do.  He said the internal stitches are weaker now than ever because things are puffy and swollen inside so I have to be careful not to strain.  I also have to wear this waist binder thingy when I am out of bed.  It helps with swelling and also acts as a reminder not to strain.  It is uncomfortable but worth it I suppose.  I’m just glad those drains are gone!!!!!

I read your blog and it sounds like you have a busy week (as always).  I miss you and hope to see you soon.




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