Posted by: Maggie | November 11, 2007

I Saw Kim!


I got to see Kim today!  Wow!  I called to see if her daughter was coming to our little birthday party and see joined her Mom to come drop her off.  I was awesome to have her here at our party if only for a few minutes.  She was moving a little slow still, but looked great.  Still needing to watch her movements. 

Jeff hopes she can go to church tommorrow, but she’s thinkin’ not.  All the people and attempts at attention would wear her too much, she thinks.  Jeff can hardly wait for her to be about to join her again, and I know she is excited for the day even more than he is. 

She’s lost some weight, she said, and her mom is still spending a lot of the days with her.  She said, “I let her go home at night to sleep, though.”  I told her that was very kind of her.

We giggled and laughed so much today…it was a delight to talk to her.  Of couse, I’d had about 5 cups of icing testing from my cookie and cake baking, so I was over the top!

Great to see you, friend!

PS:  The first time I tried to correct the color, I looked superimposed!  What was with that!  I really was there!



  1. Kim – you look great!!!!! Still praying for you daily…..

  2. Great to see you at church Sunday night! We continue to pray for you and for a quick recovery.

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