Posted by: Maggie | November 12, 2007

Kim Makes It To Church!

I still can’t get over that last picture with Kim and I.  Why does she look like she has a better tan than me?  That’s not right.  I need to catch some rays on this whiteness or something.  I think I look less well than she does!  😀

Last night, I’m sitting there in church, and my daughter leans to me and says, “Did you know Kim is here?”

“Kim who?”


Kim?…Kim…who, honey?”

“KIM!!!!  Right there?”

“Wha?  Where???”

“Right.  Over.  There.  Don’t you see her?  Mom!”


Yup, three feet from me, there she was, just across the aisle.

I hopped up like a rabbit and bounced right over there.  I got a good high five in the house of the Lord from my praise bandy buddy.  She looked great in a pew.

She said she’s not sure she’ll have the energy every week, but she had a good nap that day and thought she’d try.  It went better than she thought it would.  She said she just needed to be in the church building again, and wow…we all needed her to be there. 

We took some time to pray over our shoe-boxes for the Samaritan’s Purse ministry.  Kim got a seat to stay out of the crowd.   We had over 100 shoe boxes last night to take for delivery.  I loved watching everyone praying over them. 

I saw Kim after the service and she was wearing a cancer survivor necklace…you know the little ribbon symbol with the pink stones in the middle.  Her daughter gave it to her while she was in the hospital.  I just about lost it when I saw it.  It struck me.  This friend of mine, standing here, glad to be at church again, is a cancer survivor.  She made it.   What a story!



  1. Praise God ! It was great to see her there. She even looks cute when she doesn’t feel well. Thank you God for answering our prayers.

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