Posted by: Kim | November 12, 2007

Father God…

…saved my life.  I’m not just talking about “salvation” here.  I mean he truly saved my life.  On Tuesday morning, Sept. 11, 2007 while I was in the shower, GOD, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit that lives within me thanks to the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ, saved my life.  Thankfully, I responded to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do a breast self exam and of course, you all know the rest of the story.  Here I am…2 1/2 weeks post surgery and NO MORE CANCER!!!  But, this post is not about cancer…it’s about listening to and responding to the Holy Spirit.  If you have accepted Christ as your personal savior then you have the power of the Holy Spirit living within you and that is powerful stuff!!!  Don’t try to ignore the Spirit…it is there working inside you for a reason.  Be aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in every area of your life…family, work, recreation, worship…it is there all the time and everywhere you go.

This has really been pressing on my heart to share for several days and I couldn’t stand it any longer.  There is lots more going on in my mind but the pain meds are making it hard to think!!!

Blessings – K



  1. Sister get ready to tell your story. I can hear you right now, giving God the praise and glory. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait. Great to see you at church and back writing on your blog. Kim and I have missed you very much

  2. Amen and Amen!! Keep sharing the gifts the Holy Spirit is giving you!!

  3. So great to see you last night. I am praising God for your life and your witness. Our God is awesome!

  4. it’s sooo good to have kim back!!!! joan has done a great job–but it’s great to see you writing again!!!

    (…not lurking…)

  5. Girl, I have tears in my eyes after reading this post and I whole-heartedly affirm what you are saying. I was in Sunday School class this week and the Holy Spirit came to visit me… One of the men in the group was talking about how blessed we are compared to others in this world where we live and I just got overcome….heat welling up from within and I started to weep uncontrollably as I told the class how blessed I am even though I don’t even make $10,000 a year… God has given me LIFE and Breath and a chance to experience the richness and beauty of the spirit and the Lord knows I have suffered but it has NEVER been in vain. God knows the plans he has for us and even though the road is paved with suffering, He lifts us up from the dirt and dusts us off and lets us shine… I’m beginning to realize the suffering that I’ve experienced has only served to refine me and I’m so thankful for this new friend I have in Christ and in you all, my sisters in Christ. What fun we are going to have! And when times are hard, what wonderful shoulders we have to lean on and hands to hold. We are not alone in this world, Praise God, and I’m so glad to have you as my sister in Him!! Yay!

  6. Kim,
    I was so excited to read your blog this a.m..I was just discussing you with another 2BC christian here at work and how wonderful you are doing. C.Dennis’ scripture in his blog “Don’t be afraid, just believe” is evident in your testimony and your spiritual walk. I see and feel the Holy spirit thru you when you are in the praise worship. Your testimony and strength in your faith is revealing and heart warming. Take care and look forward to worshiping with you when you are back on stage. In Christian Love, Jackie

  7. Doing a jig! His Spirit calls — deep unto deep.

  8. What a joy to hear your story from your own words, praising God and giving him the Glory.
    Sometime he lets the storms come into our lives and Sometime he clams the storms. This is an example of both, storm and calm. We love you guys and the wife is still planing on the Strawberry dessert–she is still looking for the recipe. Hug the girls for us…..Hope to see you soon

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