Posted by: Maggie | November 20, 2007

Kim Makes It To Sunday Church!

Maggie here:  my husband likes to take the kids to McDonalds Sunday morning before church.  When I walked in the door and rounded the corner, I squealed.  “Ah!  Look at this!” :


The fam made it to McDonalds.  As you can see, Grace was pretty excited about things.  She is in my Sunday School class this year.  Such a sweetie.  Yesterday, I chose as our key verse, “Give thanks in all circumstances”.  We talked about Corrie Ten Boom’s story “Thank God for Fleas” where they realized that the flea condition in their tent was keeping the guards away, as miserable as it was.  Up until then, Betsy had been able to thank God for the fleas, where Corrie Ten Boon wasn’t so sure.  I asked Grace, “Now, this is a very hard question.  Do you think we can thank God for cancer.”

She sort of moved back in her chair, her eyes wide, blinking.  She said, “Whoa.  I just don’t know about that.”

I said, “I don’t know, but what if God puts one thing in our lives to keep us from worse things that could have happened.  Like a wreck or something, I don’t know…I’m just wondering how we can be thankful.”

She said, “Don’t even mention stuff like that!”

But, here story has made a big impact on the class.  The know that life can be hard, but God is good.  I have no idea how to walk them through these waters, but I hope they learn to trust a God who is merciful, faithful, and good…at all times, as hard as life can be at times.

In the picture above, I think Madison was playing her video game, her thoughts weren’s quite so deep…probably something like, “a lady with her camera at McDonalds taking a picture of me at 8AM…oh my gosh, she even has her Bible.  What a nuthead!”

Everyone I knew was at McDonalds before church.  We are all over the “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy” thing.  Hey…ask the children if McDonalds is necessary, not me!



  1. Donuts work well for that too. We treated ourselves to those Saturday AND Sunday 😉

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