Posted by: Kim | December 3, 2007

Several things on my mind…

First of all…thanks for your prayers for my sleep.  Let me tell you…prayer works and I am sleeping much better and am so thankful that God cares about everything in our lives…big and little…things that might seem unimportant to others but important to us…He covers it all!!!

Next thing on my mind involves an encounter I had over the weekend.  Jeff and I took the girls to O’boro on Sat. to do a little shopping and hopefully find Madison some church shoes.  So our first stop was Shoe Carnival.  As soon as we walked in the doors there were 2 huge bins of purses for $5 each.  Most of you know how prissy Grace is and she immediately started digging through them picking out her favorites.  She ended up with 3 little purses in her hands.  Two of them I hated but one of them was the EXACT type of purse she had put on her Christmas list.  It was perfect.  I had already bought her a similar purse for 3 times the price of the one she found and had decided I would just take that one back.  So, she carried the purse around the store while we looked for Madison some shoes.  When we were about to check out, Grace walked back over to the bins of purses and sat all 3 down in front of her while she tried to decide which one she wanted.  She was torn about picking the “perfect purse” because she had already told Santa that she wanted one and just knew he would bring it but come on…it was the perfect purse.  Bear with me here…this is where it gets interesting.  Enter a lady with her 2 girls sifting through the same bin of purses where Grace was standing over her 3 choices.  Remember…Grace had laid down all 3 purses.  The lady picks up THE PURSE…shows her girls…oohs and ahs over it…and LAYS IT BACK DOWN.  Grace immediately picks it up, hands it to Jeff and he hands it to me.  I stand off to the side with the purse behind my back and Jeff distracts Grace and tells her that it was too close to Christmas to get something and he takes her down the sidewalk to Goody’s.  I was so excited to get that purse for her…knowing the excitement she would have when she unwraps it…and the fact that it was $5!!!!  So, I check out…minding my own business…start to walk out the store and the purse lady STOPS ME.  Here is a rundown of our conversation:

Lady : “We were going to get that purse.”

Me:  “Oh…it is cute…my daughter carried it around the whole time we have been in here…she had put this purse on her Christmas list.”  (at this point, I was not real sure where this was going)

Lady:  “Well…she LAID it down and gave no indication that was the purse she wanted! And we were going to get it for our $5 girls gift for church!!!”  (that right…a gift for church)

Me:  (in complete shock)”Maybe there is another one you could pick out.”

Lady:  “We have looked and there isn’t another one that holds a CANDLE to that one and we wanted it.”

At this point, I could feel my face getting hot and realized this woman was actually upset with me…right there in the Shoe Carnival in front of her 2 daughters (who appeared similar in age to mine).  I knew if I hung around that I would end up saying something or acting in a way that I would regret…so, I am proud to say that I just walked away.  I am still in shock over the whole thing. 

Now, let me take a minute and address the lady just in case by some odd chance she might read this.  I am truly sorry I upset you and I hope you were able to find something that any little girl would love to have.  I hope our encounter did not upset your girls and I hope that the both of us were able to learn from it.  I pray that both our hearts will turn toward Jesus and remembering that Christmas is not about the “perfect gift” (even if it is just $5)…it is about Christ and what He has given us!!!

Father…I pray that I will always listen to the Holy Spirit in all situations and act in a Christ-like manner.  Help me to always show love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Shine your light through me and forgive me when I try to dim that light.  I love you Lord and I thank you for ALL things…AMEN.




  1. Hey, I am all about some shopping favor. 😀 Congrats on a great deal. If the other lady and her girls set the purse down, then it’s fair game. You didn’t rip it out of her hand and run to the register to pay for it. Although, that would have been a sight to see.

  2. Tis the season. Ya right!!!!!!!!!!!! What have we done to this great celebration? God forgive us. I am very proud of you for walking away.

  3. I, too, am proud of you for walking away. Like I was telling you yesterday, we had a similar situation over the weekend. Isn’t it crazy that in this season of love, people act worse than at any other time of the year! I’m so happy for Christian friends and examples like you. Love you!

  4. Amen! People get too caught up in the “chase” for stuff this time of year. Didn’t she lay it down too, with “no indication of wanting it” 😉 You did the right thing. You didn’t wrestle it out of her hands or anything–just bought it and walked out. Good job.

  5. You Rock! Sorry for the bad experience. That just goes to show how valuable on-line shopping can be! 😀 I should go do some now.

    As The Hub would say jokingly, maybe you needed to break out some water judo on her.

  6. I had the same sort of experience at Opry Mills. It would have been so easy for me to act like she did, which I might add that she did in front of her children and mine, but we were the bigger person for walking away. It is so hard to do sometimes, but no one has ever said that doing the right thing is easy. You set a wonderful example for your children and hopefully for others around you!

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