Posted by: Kim | December 18, 2007

My Tuesday Praises

Here is my list of praises for the day…

1.  Beth and Justin are HOME!!!  For those who don’t know, they have been in Norfolk, VA for Justin to have major surgery to correct the bones in his chest.  Everything went well and they are home safe and sound!!!  Father God paved the way and took care of all the details.  GO GOD!!!!  YOU ROCK!!!

2.  I am actually getting the girls Christmas presents wrapped before Christmas Eve.  I am usually up late on Christmas Eve in a bad mood, wrapping…not this year people…I am on top of it!!!  Thank you God for giving me the down time to get this done.

3.  Twisted Peppermint bath wash and body lotion from Bath and Body Works.  If you want a totally relaxing bath and aroma that follows you around for hours (if you like peppermint), you have GOT to treat yourself to this.  It is heavenly and the lotion leaves a cooling/tingling effect on your skin.  Thank you God for this simple pleasure!!!

4.  I don’t know how many of you have been following the story of Emma Kate Watkins but if her story doesn’t bless your socks off, I don’t know what will.  The progress she has made is a HUGE praise!!!!   This month old little girl is a fighter and God has major plans for her.  Blessings to her family and continued prayers!!!

5.  Seeing that old sparkle in a dear friends eyes…beginning to return after a difficult season.  You know who you are and I LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!!!! 

6.  Last but not least….Christmas…the birth of Christ, our Savior and Lord.   I just CAN’T imagine life without Him and the sacrifice He made on the cross.  No matter how busy you are this season…take at least 5 minutes and find a quiet place and just meditate on the miracle of it all.  Remind yourself and your family why we celebrate Christmas.

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the business of the season, make out a praise list of your own…do it daily or weekly or however you feel led.  It will quiet your spirit and mind and it will remind you how completely blessed we all are.




  1. Thanks for the reminders after such an icky couple of days here. I need to remember the goodness of it all.

  2. I’m trying to get my presents wrapped a little each day to avoid the crankies, too! I think I’m still edgy, but hopefully I’m happier! Too. Many. Lists!!!!

    But, I’m enjoying the gifting!

  3. You made me cry!

  4. i am thankful for people who remind me how thankful i really am. i am so blessed in this life. healthy children, hard working – God fearing – God loving man and a job that gives me opportunities to glorify God every day. (Look at my signs this week as you drive past the clinic!!) I am asking for prayer for tomorrow though, I am having a cardiac thallium stress test as a follow up from an abnormal EKG. Pray for me about 11 am tomorrow. I will take my Chuch Swindoll book on Paul to pass the 4 hours, so maybe a door will open to share the word. That may be my purpose in being there tomorrow. Anyway, i’d greatly appreciate your prayers.

    Love, me

  5. Thanks for all of the reminders! I totally agree about the B&B Works Twisted Peppermint. That’s what I have on now as a matter of fact! You should try the candle warming oil in that scent. It makes the house smell divine! I too have been following Emma Kate’s progress (I used to babysit her mom – boy, that makes me feel old!). She is a precious miracle! Love ya! M

  6. Thanks for reminding me as well. I have to add how thatnkful I am for our church and the talent God has given everyone there. Sunday night was awesome. I enjoyed sitting next to you and singing. I was praising God for your healing whaile I was laughing and enjoying the time with all. We are truely blessed. K

  7. Kim,

    I just ran across your blog on WordPress and really enjoyed reading some of your stuff. Thanks for being one of those people who keeps Christ at the center of all you do. All God’s blessings to you in the new year.

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