Posted by: Kim | December 22, 2007

Twas the Sat. before Christmas…

It’s the Sat. before Christmas here and I have a major sinus headache this morning.  The fam is watching a movie I care nothing about so here I am…nursing a headache.  Our plans were to go help our Sunday School class deliver food baskets but much movement at all would probably make me sick to my stomach.  I am going to do my best to support them from here by praying for each family that will receive a basket.  I don’t know names but God does and my prayer is that if any single person doesn’t know Christ as their personal Savior that today their heart would be opened to the wonderful life Jesus has planned for them!!!!  I also pray for the members of the class who will be delivering the baskets.

This afternoon we are going to try to go to our children’s minister’s wedding.  The girls are so excited about going so hopefully my head will feel better.  I pray this will be a day of celebration and blessings for Josh and his family.  They have been through such a hard time and I just want peace, love and happiness for all of them. 

Christmas festivities begin tomorrow after church for us.  Mom’s for lunch, Jeff’s dad’s side of the family for supper…we are going to eat GOOD tomorrow!!!!!  I have only a couple of presents left to wrap and I am soooo glad.  I don’t feel stressed at all.  Yesterday was a little trying for me…ok, it was a lot trying…because it was my first full day of being mommy all by my lonesome since my surgery.  My mom has gone way above and beyond by helping out EVERY SINGLE DAY and I am trying to wean myself from her.  Bless her heart…she is completely exhausted.  Anyway…today is a new day and “His mercies are new every morning”.

Blessings – K



  1. Hope you feel better! Everything went great at the Housing Authority this morning. I almost cried when I paid for the food baskets and we saved even more money than we thought. There was some money left over when we were all finished, and I told Michelle just to put it in the flower fund. God is so good!!!! Our Sunday School class amazes me!

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