Posted by: Kim | January 18, 2008

Another Dr. Appointment

Well, yesterday I had another check-up in L’ville.  I was hoping we could go ahead and schedule the rest of my reconstruction but that has been put on hold…for ANOTHER 2 MONTHS or so.  I still have too much swelling and he can’t do everything that needs to be done as long as I have swelling.  Of course, I could go ahead and have a couple of things done but I want it all done at once…so…I wait…again.  Also…he didn’t like the way my scars “looked” so I have to put this stuff on them 3 times a day.  To be honest…I don’t really care how the scars look but I will do as he asks.

To top things off…I got my first speeding ticket on my way to L’ville.  If you have ever been to L’ville you will know the exact spot where IT happened.  It was right where the speed limit changes from 70 to 55.  That cop was right there waiting and I just happened to be the one he picked out of the crowd.  Yes…I was speeding but there were LOTS of people going much fast than I was.  I guess I just looked like a hoodlum driving my mom’s MINIVAN.  He didn’t even tell me how fast I was going and didn’t tell me that he was giving me a ticket.  He just took my DL and registration and walked back to his car for a couple minutes.  He came back and handed me my stuff back along with a folded piece of paper.  He never mentioned giving me a citation.  He just asked that I please be aware of the speed limits through L’ville.  I honestly thought he was just giving me a warning.  He sped off and then I saw IT.  I am not a happy camper…at all.  You can bet that I set my cruise on 55 but just about got ran over by all of those Louisvillians driving 90!!!!

Well, enough about that…for now.  Ya’ll be on the look out if you go to L’ville.  They will be waiting for you!!!




  1. I know exactly where you’re talking about. We used to live there. I think the cops have a quota or something each month.

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