Posted by: Kim | January 26, 2008

What is it with this day???

Here is a brief run through…

1.  Grace crying with a stomach ache this morning and ended up staying home.

2.  The Jeep has a busted radiator which = about $300 and undrivable right now.

3.  The pipe that my washer drains to was froze this morning and it backed up in my bathtub.  It smelled like rotten eggs all through my house…that is not ok.

4.  Got a call from the school about 2:30…Madison fell down the stairs and landed on her back…”get here” they basically told me.

5.  I walked out to get into my car and remembered that Jeff had to drive the car today…refer to #2

6.  My in-laws who live next door were not home but I know how to get into their house…I was going to drive father-in-laws little truck that doesn’t have power steering and is also a stick…couldn’t find the keys.

7.  Finally found the spare key and was walking out of their house and they pulled in (thank you God!!!)…I basically kicked them out of their car and took off (not really…just sounds more dramatic that way).

8.  Got to school…Madison in guidance counselors office…nurse had looked her over…she was sitting there pale as a ghost…has a pretty good red mark on her back…laying on couch right now and just finished a 15 min. with ice pack.

9.  Put a call into pediatrician’s office…waiting for a call back…just want to know what to watch for.  I was told by the guidance counselor at school that she heard the scream from her office and by the time she got to her…she was just laying perfectly still and complaining with her back hurting really bad. 

What’s next?????

Update 8:00 pm…things have settled down for now.  Madison is fine but really made me wonder for a while.  She is gonna be sore for a few days but I think she is ok.  I had my hot bath w/my favorite Twisted Peppermint wash and lotion…I am in my favorite pj’s and am headin’ to bed.  Yep…that’s right…8:00 pm and I am done for the day!!!



  1. Lots of prayers!!!! L & C have a truck and a car. The Saturday before Christmas they had to replace the water pump on both vehicles within 24 hours of each other. One vehicle was stranded in Morgantown. Had to have it towed. Don’t you just hate to spend money on car repairs??????????

  2. First… I am so glad it didn’t smell like rotten eggs last night! 🙂

    Second… is that the new cost for a radiator or used? He could check around or something like that is a good place to start and find a used one. As long as it doesn’t leak it’ll be fine. 🙂

    Third… I am so sorry that both girls have things going on! I hope they feel better soon. What a way to start a weekend!

    Praying for you guys!

  3. WORD! Ugh. Praying!

  4. What a day! I hope Maddie’s ok. Relax tomorrow and make up for it.

  5. Give the girls big hugs from me! Glad you had your Twisted Peppermint to soothe you after such a rotten day! Love ya!

  6. Bless your heart. I hope today (Sat) is better. You’ve had enough to last at least a month. Too bad we didn’t get to do lunch yesterday—-sounds like you needed it. I love you—praying for a better, less stress, day.

  7. Good grief! after a day like that, you needed to be in bed by 8. I’m glad Madison is ok :o)

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