Posted by: Kim | February 5, 2008

It’s official…

I believe I have officially crossed the line into crazy.  It started last Friday when I went to wash my hair but for some reason only got it wet.  I was drying it and wondering why it felt so “weird” when I realized that I DIDN’T WASH IT!!  Then the very next day (Sat….the only day of the week the girls can sleep in), I got them up an hour earlier than I needed to and didn’t realize my mistake until we were about to walk out the door to go to Grace’s last all-star ballgame a FULL HOUR EARLY!!!  Oh…wait…it gets better…when we finally did get out of the house at the correct time, I only made things worse when I went to the WRONG SCHOOL!!!  I didn’t have time to make it back to the correct school for her game so luckily the other B’men team was playing where we went and let her play with them.  Things did end on a happy note…Grace scored 2 points!!!!  She was soooo happy…even if it wasn’t with her regular team.

I am blaming my craziness on my surgery.  That’s right…I am taking no responsibility for it whatsoever!!!  You know…it was an 8 hour surgery and there is no tellin’ how much medication they had to give me.  It takes a while to get all of that out of your system…for real people.  I will probably be like this for at least the next 50 years or so…he he he.

On a more serious note…Jeff’s mom had major back surgery today in N’ville.  This is actually her 3rd back surgery.  They had to build a cage-like thing around a disk and she has actually had a similar procedure done once before.  She came through the surgery wonderfully and they found a cyst that was pressing on some major nerves and believe that was where the majority of her pain was coming from.  Anyway…she has already been up walking at least twice this afternoon/evening.  I can’t believe that!!!  Jeff and I are going down tomorrow for a little while after the girls go to school.  Please pray for traveling mercies as the weather is supposed to be nasty and pray for a easy, quick recovery for his mom.

Oh…in case you are wondering why we didn’t go down today for the surgery…I’ll tell ya.  I agreed to take care of their elderly dog who is diabetic and blind.  She has to have 2 insulin shots a day as well as drops and ointment in her eyes 3 times a day.  That’s right…I am giving a dog 2 shots a day.   I wouldn’t do this for just anyone but I happen to love my in-laws dearly and it eases their minds knowing the dog is being taken care of.  So there.

Blessings – K



  1. Ok, ok, we anesthesia folks will take the blame for you losing your mind 🙂 Seriously though, for a while after anesthesia you can feel like you just can’t get back on track. I was like that after my hysterectomy. It does get better with time! Love ya!

  2. Man. You are a GOOD daughter in law. I suddenly don’t feel quite so bad for being out with mine four times before 6:15 this morning.

  3. Girl! You are sounding a lot like me!

  4. What a great daughter-in-law! I hope you and your family and home are ok after the storm–post and let us know soon.

  5. You’re not crazy–just like all the rest of us.

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