Posted by: Kim | February 19, 2008

Winter blues

I can’t remember a winter when I have been as wiped out as I am this year.  I mean…I have zero energy.  I know I am just getting over the flu but I was zapped even before that.  Here is a conversation I had with some friends at lunch yesterday…

Friend:  “I kicked back in my recliner and took the longest nap yesterday.  I am lucky to have a super comfy recliner.”

Me:  “I don’t waist time with a recliner.  When I take a nap, I want my bed, my earplugs, my humidifier going, the covers over my head and a pillow on top of that.”

Friend:  “Wow…you don’t want a nap, you want to hibernate.”

There is some truth in that statement, people.  My body feels like it needs to be recharged.  Sleep is about the only thing I am wanting to do right now.  I have got to get over this slump!!!

On a different note…if you or your family like to eat bacon and if you HATE to fry bacon like me then you just MUST try some of that fully cooked bacon.  I tried it out for the first time for supper tonight and I will probably never fry bacon again.  I was afraid it wouldn’t taste right but I loved it and so did the family.  The brand I got comes with 15 pieces in a box and they are separated out into sections of 3 pieces.  I put 6 pieces on a paper plate…put in microwave for 40 seconds and out comes perfectly cooked bacon.  NO MESS!!!!  I fixed 2 boxes (my crew loves bacon) and every single bite is gone.  Ya’ll give it a try!!!

Grace was home…again…from school today.  No fever all day yesterday and bam…this morning 101.  Once I got that down, she has been fine the rest of the day.  Still coughing but no fever.  Please pray that I can get that girl back to school tomorrow.  She and I are getting tired of each other.

Hibernation, bacon and sick child…man, I am scattered tonight.  It is 6 pm and I am counting down the minutes until bedtime.




  1. Girl, your body has been through major changes in the past few months. Sadly, it will take you a bit to totally recover. You hibernate as much as you can while it is cold, and you will be full strength for the summer!!! Love you.

  2. You’ve been through so much, you need the rest! Take it easy while you can girlfriend!

  3. Ditto on Kim and Susan’s comments – you need your rest! I’ve been using the pre-cooked bacon for a long time now, and I’ll never go back. We love it! Take care of yourself!

  4. I love the Wright’s brand bacon–unfortunately, it must be fried. And I hear ya on the winter blues. Mine is exaggerated by prenancy right now and yet another cold. One illness after another is getting old around here. I say if you can get in your bed and hibernate, just do it!

  5. I’ve had winters like that. They are miserable. But, there seems no other remedy. Bears do it.

    What am I saying?

    Oh, bacon is even better at 1:30 for us. Even more crispy! Makes a breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, and bread EVEN faster…I can cook the eggs by the time the bacon and toast are done…all in all, about three minutes flat!

  6. how weird that you post this tonight. i fried bacon for dinner, and wow, what a mess!

  7. I’ve been using that ‘fake’ bacon, as I call it, for a long time now and I LOVE it! I especially like the thicker ones.

  8. I love that bacon, too, but we can eat SO much of it and my microwave will smell like bacon for weeks. Seriously. Gross when you are wanting to heat up something like a brownie. 😉

    I hear you on the winter, too. This is the first winter that I remember feeling like I really have SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I am SO ready for warm weather!

  9. Praying that Grace feels better soon and that you get plenty of rest. You have been through a lot lately and deserve it.

  10. Sleepy head—you have been doing the early to bed thing for a long time. Let your body rest and continue to heal. When spring/summer gets here we’ll have to go on some more trail walks. That’ll help get you energized.

  11. ok…not lurking anymore 🙂

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