Posted by: Kim | March 9, 2008

SNOW!!!! What a day!!!

Oh my goodness…I am completely exhausted.  I am so tired that I almost titled this post SNOT but thankfully noticed the typo.  Today has been all about the kids (as I sure was the case just about everywhere local today).  Hubby was called into work around 9 am this morning and is still there and it’s 8:30 pm.  I have no idea what time he will be home and he is suppoesed to work 12 hrs tomorrow too. 

Since he had to work today, I was drafted to play in the snow (I did it again…play in the snot…I’m going to stop fixin’ my typos and just let ya’ll laugh) with the girls.  We went out this morning…this afternoon…and this evening.  We also fit in a cousin’s b-day party in between all of that snot playing.  I helped them build a snowman (pitiful looking) and we made snot angles and did A LOT of walking.  We actually don’t have a sled and even if we did, we don’t really have anywhere to ride it and I definitely can’t pull those sweet little angles around on one.  So…after a day full of playing…we are all bathed and ready for bed…and that’s where I am heading right now.

One last thing…go check out this blog and order a book.  This will be a wonderful little book to have and/or give as a gift.  This family are wonderful friends of ours and I am so excited for him to have his dream become a reality.  Go give him some support.

Blessings – K



  1. At least you didn’t build a “snot man”!

  2. We had a “snot” day today too! Check out my snowman pics on my blog. We, too, found time for a cousin’s birthday party this afternoon and dinner at the Mexican restaurant with my parents. I am beat! This time change tonight is gonna hurt!

  3. I don’t know what made this post most funny, the snot or all your “angles”. Were they acute angles, or obtuse? I love me some geometry!

    I needed to laught!

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