Posted by: Kim | March 10, 2008

To my hubby…

Well honey…today is your birthday and there are a few things on my mind that I want to share so that you know that you know that you know what’s in my heart. 

First of all…I thank God for you every single day and I earnestly pray for you as a child of God, as my husband and as a father to our girls.  I praise God for what he is stirring within your soul as the leader of this household and as a soldier in His army.  I also pray that God will place upon my heart the changes and sacrifices I need to make in order to give you the support you need and deserve.  It truly is a gift to have a spouse that loves the Lord and to be able to walk side by side on our Christian journey. 

Over the past 5+ years we have been through some pretty rotten stuff and I will never be able to say enough how sorry I am for all the hurt I have caused you along the way.  I am thankful to the core of my being that you refused to give up on me…I owe you big time for that!!!  Isn’t it amazing that when you look back over time and events, how clear it is that God’s hand was upon us the entire time…molding us and preparing us for the next step in life?  Every hard season we have endured has only strengthened us…not only as husband and wife but as children of God.  Everything that satan tried to use to destroy, God used to build up.  Now that is something to get excited about!! 

I could not ask for a more perfect daddy to our girls than YOU!!!  They absolutely adore you and I know you love them with all that you are.  I also know that you will always protect, love, support them and that you will always lead them toward God.  The relationship you have built with them will help carry them through the rest of their lives and they will always be “daddy’s little girls”…even when they are on their own.  Thank you for what you do for them each and every day.

You are my very best friend.   I love you.  I treasure you.  I will be your biggest fan forever.  I know I fail at times to do and say the things you need but rest in knowing that my heart belongs to you…it always has and it always will.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!



  1. OMG, that is so sweet! You guys are such a great couple and I’m so glad we’ve become friends!!! I don’t know all of the details about your past issues, but I am certainly glad that God saw fit to see you both through those hard times and move you to the point where you are today. We love you! Happy Birthday Jeff!

  2. And the crowd let’s out a collective “AWWWWWwwwwww!!!!!

  3. I read this earlier and didn’t know exactly what to say… I was too busy wanting to say “awww” and cry a little too because it’s soooo darn sweet.

    Happy Birthday Jeff!

  4. How sweet! Isn’t it awesome that God finds that right mate for us. I feel so blessed to have Barry and it is very obvious that you feel the same way. I am very glad that God had different plans than you years ago. You are awesome together! We are looking forward to our “Get to Know You” dinner!

    Happy Birthday to Jeff!

  5. jeff was beaming tonight at church, and now i’m figuring out why! made me cry a little 🙂

  6. Let me tell you girls something. Any time you want to brag on your husband, go ahead, we like it, and any man that speaks different is crazy. I think it’s cool when a wife or husband praises God for their spouce. I thank God for Kim and she does the same for me “I wonder why” So way to go Kim and I will buy breakfast from you the next time.


  7. A wonderful tribute to a Godly man. It is awesome that you chose to keep your marriage and your family together. Happy day to both of you!

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