Posted by: Kim | March 18, 2008


PROCRASTINATE?????  I have known for over two weeks that Madison would need a “dress” for a play she is in tomorrow night and do I have it yet???  Absolutely not!!!  We aren’t talking just any old dress here.  She has to be dressed like a fairly wealthy woman from the 1800’s.   Honestly people…I know I have a lot of clothes but it’s not like I can dig into the back of my closet and pull this one out!   I’m really thinking that when special costumes like this are needed, the school should help out…give some ideas…something…anything.  Of course, I would prefer that the school provide these things if they are going to be required for the children to participate but who are we kidding on that one?!?!?

 I did find a black skirt of mine that has some embroidery on it and a black lace hem (I actually wore it when I dressed up like Cyndi Lauper…don’t ask…that’s another story for another day). 

 I showed it to her earlier and she flipped out.  She said, “Mooommmmmmm…it’s supposed to be a DRESS.  I am NOT wearing that!”  Of course, my reply was “I guess if I don’t find a dress TOMORROW, you will…or…you can just go in regular clothes and look completely silly.”  I was thinking that I could probably find a button up shirt with some kind of lace collar or something on it tomorrow and put a white sweater on with it.  Add her black boots and presto…we have a colonial woman.  I could also probably find a cameo pin around here somewhere. 

Anyway…what’s the saying…Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow?!?!?  Just kidding…this is a bad habit that I must break.



  1. You need to talk to LC. They have lots of costumes for rent, especially period pieces. I’m not sure if any would fit her, but it’s worth a try!

  2. You need to stop being a card-carrying member of Procrasti-NATION. Here are your missions…

    Check out the following two blog posts that I have recently done about procrastination, and then – you know what you HAVE to do…

    (In both cases – it should help you and your readers)


  3. Yup…you are a MOM!

    Procrastination can work to our benefit, as you proved here! Great creativity!

  4. In some situations, I work best under pressure, so procastination can work in my favor. Seriously, though – Cyndi Lauper? That’s great!

  5. well, what did she end up wearing???

  6. Procrastination!!! Oh my girl, I have the market cornered on this one, even though I am trying HARD to improve.

  7. Procrastination? Grant and I are professionals at that. We were both writing papers Sunday night that were due. He emailed his in about 1hr 15 minutes before it was due and I left a little for right before class on Monday. I’m glad to join your blogging!

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