Posted by: Kim | April 11, 2008

American Idol thoughts…

Ok…I can’t stand it anymore.  I just have to talk about AI.  First of all, let me start by saying I am a huge AI fan and have been since the very first season.  I absolutely love Tuesday nights now…we usually watch as a family and most of the time even get together with friends to watch it and of course eat supper too…I mean, a girls gotta eat, right?

So, let’s talk about last nights Idol Gives Back.  I didn’t get to see it all but did see about the last 15 -20 minutes (my tivo didn’t record it because my hubby didn’t set it…ugghhh).  Anyway…here are my thoughts on what I did see…

1.  I couldn’t understand a single word of Ms. Carey…”diva” of pop music.  I can’t even really stand to watch her sing.  Quite frankly, she is usually dressed..ummm…unsuitable.  Also, the way she moves her hands and puts her fingers all a fluttering in the air just gets on my nerves.  I truly appreciate her talent but my opinion is that her newer stuff doesn’t even compare to her Vision of Love days…that’s all I’m saying about that.

2.  SHOCKER OF THE NIGHT…the contestants sing “Shout to the Lord”!!!!!  I didn’t catch the very beginning of the song but apparently they left out the name Jesus and as you can guess there is LOTS of people up in arms for many reasons.  Some Christians are upset because the song was even part of the show and that the name Jesus was left out.  WHAT?????  Are you serious???  I personally was thrilled the song was included.  I mean the ENTIRE song is about praising God whether or not the name Jesus is included or not.  There is no way around the meaning of the song and millions of people witnessed it.  I say AMEN to that!!!  Of course, the non-Christian community is also upset the song was included.  They are lost and they just don’t get it so they get upset.   But you know what…the one, only, true mighty God that we serve can even accomplish his plan through American Idol and I have no doubt that someone, somewhere was touched by His Holy Spirit last night.  By the way…they sang the song again tonight at the beginning of the results show.

3.  Let’s talk about the results show tonight.  I can’t belive Michael Johns was voted off.  I am in shock…he was one of my favorites.  If I had to personally pick the person to go home tonight, I would have been Mr. Dreadlocks.  Not Michael!!!!  Dreadlocks (as we have come to call him) has a nice voice BUT he does the same thing every single week.  Talented, yes…the next AI, absolutely not.  I personally think he is boring.  I am just disgusted about the whole results tonight.

So, are there any AI fans out there in our little blogging community?  I sure hope so.  What are your thoughts?

By the way…I reserve the right to change my opinion about anything AI at any time.  Thank you and goodnight.




  1. Okay, call me dumb or something. I am not a big American Idol watcher, but was tickled to hear that someone did “Shout to the Lord”. Now….I just went over what I know of the song and maybe all I know is the chorus, but I don’t remember the name Jesus even being in it???

  2. I missed last nights show b/c my tivo did not work and I was out of town – ugh!
    I also missed the first part of tonight b/c I was bathing my boys – double ugh!
    HOwever I did find out that tonight they put Jesus in the lyrics to the song “shout to the Lord”
    That is awesome!
    I definitely think God used that to touch Millions last night and tonight – may He be Praised
    Also I was shocked tonight as well and I still think I am in denial.
    I would have thought Carly was going home.
    She gets on my nerves – her tattoo is so distracting – wear some sleeves will ya!
    I happen to like dreads not only is he a Christian from Texas but he has the nerve to sing boldly Christian songs and wears a cross – go Jason!
    Anyway, that is just my opinion and I honestly think this season is truly the best yet 🙂

  3. I missed the regular night but did see the results show last night and clearly heard Jesus. I called hubby on his way home to tell him that they were singing it! It was so awesome and such a bold move for a show like that. I was so proud to be an AI fan!!

    I love the dreads. It makes him him. 🙂

    We used to get together with friends and eat last year for AI and it sort of just fell through. It’s hard to keep it up for some reason but we are still watching!

  4. I was in complete shock when I heard them sing “Shout to the Lord”. It was unexpected but awesome!

    Michael Johns should not have been voted off so soon. Too many others deserve to go first. And Ryan Seacrest was so mean to get his hopes up that he might not be voted off after all like they did last year.

    I have no idea why Dreadlocks dude is still in there. He’s alright, but that song he sang the other night–I totally didn’t agree with the judges. They just raved about it. I just kept waiting for more while he was singing it. One word–boring!

  5. I don’t watch AI but I went to Youtube to watch the singing of Shout to the Lord and I got goosebumps all over. In the beginning is where they took out Jesus and put Shepherd, but still like Kim said it is all about praising God and that is what I received from it. It was wonderful and a great change from when they gave Mandisa a hard time for singing “Shackles”.

  6. I made FL come and listen last night. I thought it was great that they sang that song. I really thought I saw Mandisa in one of the crowd shots last night too. Maybe I was just thinking it would be justice if she were there………….but I thought it was awesome. She did the praise and worship at a Jennifer Kennedy Dean conference I attended last year. She talked about her Idol experience and Simon and Shackles, etc.

    Now, I really like Jason and Carly. If I had to pick today my top 4 would be David Cook, Carly, Jason and Brooke. Least favorite Sayesa.

    I too reserve the right to change my mind!!


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