Posted by: Kim | April 26, 2008


I have been just lovin’ this new gem I came across.  We have Direct TV satelite system and recently I came across channel 338…are you ready for this…the Gospel Music Channel!!!!!  This past Wed. night they aired the Dove Awards and I loved every minute of it.  Regular programming includes videos, interviews, live performances and shows that spotlight the works of some of the leading Christian artists.  I have seen a special on Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Toby Mac…just to name a few.  Beginning in June, they are going to be showing a Christian version of American Idol…I can’t wait!!!!  One of the contestants described it as being more of a giantic praise and worship session instead of a competition.  WHOOO HOOOO…I’m sure that will be my new favorite show and will be filling the void after AI wraps up. 

Anyway…if you have Direct TV…check it out and let me know what you think.  They cover all styles of music so if it isn’t your cup of tea the first time you flip over there…keep checking back…it will be worth it.




  1. We discovered this channel a couple of months ago. We love the videos and the interviews….Have a great evening!

  2. the only bad thing i have to say for it is that its a bit repetitive… reruns of the same episodes frequently.

    we got to go to the concert where they taped michael w smith’s front row live…. for free… which was really cool.

  3. awww man I wish I had direct tv!! I would love a gospel channel. XM The Spirit is all I listen to in the car; if that was on tv too—what???!!!! I would be glued! My hubby wouldn’t be too pleased; he loves his worship and praise music but he also loves his Sportcenter LOL

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