Posted by: Kim | May 6, 2008


Just when I thought it was just your typical Monday afternoon…Grace gets off the bus, head hanging, walking slowly toward me on the porch and the following conversation takes place.

Me:  Sweetie, what in the world is wrong?

G:  I have a great big secret and I’m not telling ANYONE!!!

Me:  A secret huh?  Is is bad?

G:  I don’t want to talk about it.

Me:  Did you get in trouble at school?

G:  No

Me:  Then what’s wrong?

G:  I’m afraid you will be mad at me.  (at this point, she is almost in tears)

Me:  I will try not to be mad or upset but I can’t help you unless you tell me.  You can talk to me about anything…good or bad.

G:  Are your parents the only ones who can talk to you about God and Jesus or can your friends or someone else talk to you?

Me:  Sweetie, anyone can talk to you about Jesus and you can do the same. 

G:  Well, I told 2 of my friends about Jesus today and they got saved BUT now I am afraid their parents will be mad at me because I talked to them instead of letting their mom and dad and another friend told me I would be in big trouble.

Me:  Oh baby…you did absolutely NOTHING wrong and I am fairly certain that your friends parents will be proud of you and them for not being afraid to talk about Jesus.  As a matter of fact, I think this is probably one of the most important things you can do by talking to your friends about Jesus.  I am so proud of you!!!

G:  Whew…thank goodness.  I was afraid their parents would be upset with me.  The bible says we are to share the Word of God and that’s what I was trying to do.

Me:  Well, I’m sure God is smiling at you right now.

G:  Good…now…I’m hungry.




  1. How absolutely precious!

  2. Awwwhhh!! That is so awesome! Doesn’t it make you proud to know that your kids are willing to talk to their friends about Jesus!?!? I can remember when Holli was saved and walked down that isle at church….I cried more than when my own kids walked the isle! To know that Ben had had a small part in bringing her to church with him was so awesome. Give G a big hug for me too!!!

  3. Precious!

  4. WOW!!! Tell her that we are proud of her.

  5. That’s so cool. I remember sharing with my BG in a bathroom stall and giving her a little red revival NT. She’s awesome!

    PS: You can take off these cross-links we see when we post by going to your menu next to the “instal header” “extras” tab if you like.

  6. Is this little girl going to be an evangelist or what??

  7. How sweet!!!

  8. What a brave girl…much braver than me! You should be one proud mama!

  9. “Out of the mouth of babes….”

    What a testimony! Praise God for His spirit that abides in us regardless of age. And praise God that you are training her up in the way she should go that she may not depart from God’s Word.

    Amen! The angels are rejoicing! 🙂

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