Posted by: Kim | May 28, 2008

Bad mom vs. Good mom

Here is the bad mom story…the other night we made a quick visit to CJ’s house to get a hosta she wasn’t going to use.  Her hubby, DJ, had my girls out in the front yard pitching a tennis ball back and forth to them.  The girls were having a BLAST and were actually taking turns catching the ball and throwing it back to DJ.  Remember…this is just a regular old tennis ball.  We finally talked the girls into leaving after “one more time” and Madison excitedly turned to me and yelled…”MOM, THIS IS SO FUN!!!  WE JUST HAVE TO GO BUY A TENNIS BALL SO I CAN PLAY WITH IT.”   We all got a good laugh and I was thinking to myself…you have got to be kidding me…of all the “things” we have at home and I could have made her day with a tennis ball?!?!?!  Go figure.  Then she even got a little upset when I told her we wern’t going to buy a tennis ball at Walmart because if we look hard enough we probably have some here at home.  Anyway…that’s the bad mom.

Now the good mom…after supper this evening, I snuck out on the porch to read a bit and of course the girls found me.  There was a steady rain and since the girls had been playing in the bathing suits all day, I actually let them play in the rain.  That’s right…play in the rain.  They played for a good 30 minutes and came up with a rock collection to decorate my little table on the front porch.  They were soaked and actually getting along AND I got to finish my book.  So at least I ended today as the good mom…of course, it’s not bedtime yet and things sure can change in a flash around here.

Tennis balls and playin’ in the rain…simple fun too often overlooked.  My prayer for this summer is that I will keep my eyes open so we can enjoy lots of simple fun around here.

Blessings – K



  1. i have lots of tennis balls! i’ll give you one!

  2. Glad to hear you guys are feeling better! Missed you Sunday!

  3. Cool! That’s my prayer for our summer as well!

  4. Great prayer and good truth in that!

    I bought a $6 bag of colored play sand and my girls have played their little hearts out the last week. It was well worth the $6!

  5. Good reminders!

  6. APL used to spend whole afternoons throwing a tennis ball on top of the house and practice different ways to catch it. Great entertainment!!

  7. Ah, for the simple things of life!

  8. Sounds like a GREAT mom to me! I let my girls play in the mud one day last year. They were covered, but had so much fun! I took pics and made a scrapbook page 🙂

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