Posted by: Kim | July 10, 2008

Questions that can’t be answered…

I wonder who first asked the question “Why do bad things happen to good people?”.  I wonder what was going on in their life that made that question come to mind.  It could have been a number of things…possibly an illness, loss of job, loss of life, loss of love.  There are just so many questions that just can’t be answered…not while we are here on earth.  Life won’t make sense most of the time and will seem unfair.  Grief will be all around us and we will experience such a wide range of emotions when life throws us a curve ball.  I just don’t know how people who don’t know Christ as their personal savior get through each day.  This is what we must hold on to… the ONE AND ONLY GOD IN HEAVEN holds the universe in HIS LOVING, STRONG HAND and HE has a purpose for everything…good and bad.

The cry of my heart this week has been to allow me to bear some of the grief and pain my friends are facing.  Please continue to join me in lifting up all involved in this situation and standing in the gap.  I pray for hope when all seems hopeless and faith that God is still in the business of miracles and He wants to heal hurts.

Thanks for allowing me to ramble…K



  1. I will be praying!

  2. Father,

    Bless Kim and her family as they minister to their friends. Shower them with so much of your presence that grace, love and strength are present when they walk into the room.

    In Jesus Name

  3. Amen. May you be a bearer of tender, quiet, strength and refuge. Thank you for giving of yourself. May God’s strength, compassion, and joy fill you to the full and overflowing this week time and time again…and may you be refueled with simple joy and moments as you are poured out. More for this faithful one, Lord…be all.

  4. These are the times we are to be intecessors….for those who are going through difficult times and are so caught up in “life stuff” that they need us to pray for them. I will continue to pray for your friends and you.

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