Posted by: Kim | August 6, 2008

Ready or not…

I have to start off by saying pleading with you to keep this little bit of information strictly between us.  Even though it might be tempting to divulge information we share with one another on here, I really need you all to help me out on this one and not breathe a word…OK?  Thanks…I knew you would understand.

Not only was today the first day of the school year and more importantly, Madison’s first day of middle school (6th grade should still be at elem school if you ask me but no one did…humph).  It has actually been a good transition so far and God has blessed her with such a laid back spirit that the change doesn’t seem to bother her at all.  I, on the other hand…the one who physically brought her into this world…am just not ready for her to become a YOUTH.  I am not ready for her to do all the things that girls do when they are in middle school.  I am not ready for her to not want to be seen with me in public.  I was not ready for her to say this morning…Mom, there is no way you are going to walk me into that school.  I know what I am doing and where I am supposed to go.  Ok, little miss independent…I get it…I can learn to deal…BUT…I was not ready for what took place Monday night in preparation for school starting.  The suspense is killing you, isn’t it?

Well…she caught me in a moment of complete weakness.  I was worn down from a day of school clothes shopping for her (because we washed the majority of her good clothes with an ink pen).  She came up to me right before bath time and sweetly asked, “Mom, will you please come teach me and help me shave my legs?”  That’s right…she wanted to SHAVE HER LEGS.  My little girl, who could care less what she looked like and even more what other people thought about what she was or was not doing, wanted to shave her legs because ALL of her friends do it and have been for a long time.  She is only 10 (but will be 11 on the 19th).  I had to really stop and think about how old I was when I first began the miserable journey of shaving my legs.  I do believe it was the 6th grade.  So, I taught/helped her shave her legs last night…and we had to do it again tonight because she was already “stubbly”.  She thinks it is fun.  I wonder how long that will last?  I have repeatedly warned her that she WILL cut herself…more than once.  I am dreading that…she is just not one to handle injury very well. 

After she got out of the bath last night, I heard her talking to Grace and the next thing I know, Grace is standing beside me…”Mom, will you help me shave MY legs?”  I set her straight real fast…told her to ask me again in about 3 years. 

Other than the life changing, leg shaving event…the first day of school went off very smoothly (no pun intended)! 

Lord, help me adjust, deal and accept the changes that are to come…




  1. Yuck, shaving! I hate it but remember how I couldn’t WAIT to shave off all those long dark hairs and I’m pretty sure I was in 6th grade when my mom finally let me. You handled it quite well it seems. Glad to know to survived the first day of school. I’m also glad I don’t have to worry about the day my children want to shave their legs! 😉

  2. Oh……I thought it was going to be something else….not shaving of the legs! Hope M had a great first day at middle school!

  3. Oh girl, you are just getting started!!!! That is one experience I didn’t have. No telling what will come next.

  4. Remind me to tell you a funny on my daughter!!!

  5. I thought it was the dreaded Aunt Flo, but golly, what a milestone, eh? Puberty hit me hard. I hope it goes more smoothly for your babes.


  6. 🙂 It’s a sweet post, and a sweet gift to your girl to help her out. I remembering the sobs it took from me!

  7. I, too, thought it was going to be something else! However, this brought back not so fond memories of my mom using Nair to try to remove the tons of blond hair from my legs, the mess it made, and shaving the rest afterwards. It was quite an experience and hilarious to think about now! I’m not looking forward to going through this with Syd because I know it will be here all too soon!


  9. Aww that is so precious and definitely can see why it would be difficult/emotional for you. I have been waxing all my life; it’s a little more painful but longer lasting than shaving and it reduces the amount of hair that grows over the years. Maybe she can try that some day? Love you 🙂

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