Posted by: Kim | September 15, 2008

What a Sunday…

and what a mess we all have but still NOTHING compared to the Texas coast.  It will be months before they are able to dig out of all the debris…oh, the images and pictures just break my heart.  I don’t understand why so many people refused to evacuate.  They need our prayers.

On the home front…huge tree in back yard with about half of the limbs torn off.  At least one hit the house.  We lost 2 whirly birds(?)…one was ripped off base and all and left a hole in the roof.  Lots of roof damage…we will have to have new one.  We got power back last night aroun 7ish…my parents in neighboring county still don’t have power this morning. 

What about you all?  Does anyone need help with clean up?



  1. no power, no water, no happy

  2. we have power and water but no tv. lori has power, tv and no water. very lucky!!! we had one tree down and my chaise lounge was on top of the patio table. fl got it cut up and took it off tonight. can we do anything to help you?

  3. that sounds like he cut up my chaise lounge. i meant he cut up the limb!!!

  4. we have all utlilites, just lost a couple trees.

    Happy 1 year Anniversary?!

  5. power, satellite and no water.

    I like water.

    Plus, lots of dents in truck. 😦

    Had to fix garage door.

    Who knew we could have a HURRICANE in KENTUCKY?

  6. I agree with Stacey – a hurricane in Kentucky!?!?! What is the world coming to??? Hubby woke me up when he and the kids got home from church (I was knocked out from cough meds) and the siding that was stacked beside our house with the extra shingles from the addition we are doing were all over the neighborhood! And our mailbox was gone, but we found it. As I told Maggie, picking up strips of vinyl siding and dragging them in 50 mph winds is very tricky! A sweet neighbor came and helped us. We have one piece of metal hanging from a gable, but other than that no damage. We have power, and we got our water back this evening. Let us know if we can help you guys in any way!

  7. 48 hours later and still no power. We do have water.

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