Posted by: Kim | February 10, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

Oh my goodness…where do I even start? For anyone who just happens upon this post and has no idea what has happened in the state of KY…here is a quick summary. Two weeks ago we had the “ice storm of the century”. Yes, I said ice storm of the century…no kidding. I have never seen anything like it nor has anyone else I have talked to. For some local pictures you can click here. Words can’t accurately describe it and pictures really don’t do it justice. To say is was a mess is an understatement.

So it started freezing rain/sleeting on Monday night Jan. 26th.  Many people lost power in the middle of the night…ours went out around lunch on Tuesday.  We finally got power back YESTERDAY, Feb. 8th around supper time.  We didn’t have a generator.  We didn’t have a kerosene heater.  Our heating system is electric so even if we did have a generator we couldn’t have ran our heat unless we had a super duper generator and let’s be honest…we definitely don’t have the extra money around to go buy one.  Even if we had the extra money, there were no generators to be found at the beginning of all of this mess.  Also, even if you were a lucky one to have/get a generator or a kerosene heater…there was NO GAS/KEROSENE anywhere near (in the beginning). 

We started off staying at my in-laws for several days and then bounced around until this past Friday.  We basically lived out of our car for almost 2 weeks.  One night we were blessed to be able to stay at a friends house in a neighboring city who was going out of town…he had power earlier than most and graciously offered his home.  We were thrilled to have a warm place to stay, hot baths and laundry.  It’s too bad this friend bragged about having power at church because his power went back out the next day (when he was coming home with his family) and didn’t come back on until yesterday.   We sure did enjoy the power while it lasted and hubby even got to watch the super bowl while I did laundry.

This past Friday, someone who got power back loaned us his generator and my dad brought up his kerosene heater.  We were able to have lights, fridge and tv but that was about it.  Thankfully the temps were significantly warmer and we were able to come home.  I literally opened the windows in my house to warm it up…isn’t that crazy?!?!?  Once the wind blew out most of the coldness in the house, I lit the kerosene heater, which by the way I hate the smell of and am fairly certain I have a permanent headache from. 

So the power came back yesterday evening and the kids went back to school today (thank you Jesus!).  Now the clean up begins…inside and out.  I spent the entire day doing laundry and cleaning my fridge/freezer…talk about nasty…yuck.  I will tackle the fridge in the garage tomorrow.  There are tree limbs all over the place…it will take months for the clean up but as the song says…”even so, it is well with my soul.”

I have to take a minute and give a heart felt thanks to all the men/women who worked 24/7 to restore power to our state, county, town and homes.  In our county alone, I believe at one point we had over 1500 workers at one point.  These people worked in freezing cold temps and have been away from their families and we THANK YOU.  There are still many without power and I know these men/women will not stop until everything is fixed.  May God bless each and every one of you!!!!!

Whew…I’m tired of typing and I know you must be tired of reading.  Until next time…

Blessings to all – K



  1. Oh, man! I tell you. We had 10-20 people, including two diabetics, plus an extra indoor dog here most of that time with two sets of gas logs and occasional hot water, when we had water! Talk about a party! I’m just now starting to catch my breath! I’m so glad to hear you guys got taken care of…I wish we could have helped every last person in some way…it was such a helpless feeling! Hang in there!

  2. It’s been a crazy 2 1/2 weeks, hasn’t it!?!? BUT, we have survived! Praise the Lord for His blessings!

  3. I was going to reply to your comment, but wordpress has the wrong email address in it. Can you correct that? I can’t find you new address in my computer. {sad} Thanks!

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