Posted by: Kim | March 14, 2009

“Melt away like butter”

In the middle of redecorating our bedroom we came across a terrible discovery.  About 11 years ago, while trying to save a little time, we FOOLISHLY painted over an existing wallpaper border and THEN we put another border on top of that.  The top border came off fairly easily…no major problems; however, I can’t say the same about the other. 

I called a local hardware store this afternoon and asked what they recommended we do.  The reply was something like this…”Oh, my wife and I used the steamer we have down here at our house and there were like 14 layers or wallpaper and another 14 layers of paint.  We used the steamer and that stuff melted away like butter!”   I told him the hold that sucker for us and hubby would be down to get it.

We started at 5:00 pm….it is now 8:00 pm.  There has been no melting butter at our house.  I am not a happy camper…my arms and back are throbbing.  I was hoping to paint tomorrow…but we will still be fighting to get that butter to melt away.

To top things off…I broke the light that is built into the ceiling fan in the bedroom.  I pulled the chain and it completely broke off…now we can’t even turn the light on in there to work even if we wanted to.

I guess there is a bright side…I did want a new ceiling fan in there 🙂

Until next time…



  1. On this post:

    “Possibly Related posts: (automatically generated)
    *Birthday Boy!
    *Praline Japonaise Gateaux
    *Peanute Butter confirmed as Source of Salmonella Outbreak

    I’m just wondering what any of these has to do in the slightest with this post. HA! (You can turn that off in your WordPress settings…somewhere!)

    Also, we had the former owners gift us with this same problem, and the border had been the scaffold kind…not even a clean edge. There is no amount of steam that is getting through paint.

    We simply sanded it down and spackled over the bottom edge, primed, and repainted. Worked pretty well.

    In older houses, the joys we inherit! I still love them, though. So cozy and well-loved through the years.

  2. O.mi.gosh. I so feel your pain. I blogged about wallpaper border removal, too. It was hell.

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