Posted by: Kim | April 1, 2009

Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer

Ok, I have to vent for a few minutes before I pick my washer up and throw it out the back door. 

We bought a new washer/dryer about 3 or 4 years ago…brand spankin’ new.  We went to Sears, Lowe’s…compared prices and decided to go with the Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis.   Supposed to be able to wash up to 24 bath towels at once, Energy Star efficiency…supposed to be a fab washing machine.

…and it was until last fall.  Remember this machine is only about 3 years old.  We had to completely replace the tub in the thing last fall.  This was the week after my back surgery…I was not happy.  About a month or so ago, it started giving me this wierd error message.  The owner’s manual told me to call a repairman if it continued.  That just isn’t going to happen.  I think my dad would disown me if I called a repairman. 

Anyway…I have been researching it online and it seems as if we have purchased the biggest lemon of a washing machine that is out there.  I have read I don’t know how many stories about this washer that just repeat the same exact problem I am having.  Story after story of how someone called a repairman who came out and replaced a $300 part and said that would take care of the problem…only to have it start doing it the very next day.

I have been trying to wash the same load of laundry for almost 3 hours now.  Hit the start button, get the error message, hit the stop button, hit the start button…walk away…hear the beep, see another error message and repeat like a thousand times!!!

I hate my washer…and at this point, it probably isn’t liking me very well either.



  1. don’t pick it up…….you will hurt your back!! just beat it with a softball bat!!!

  2. Kim, I have tears streaming down my face reading your comment to me. Can’t thank you enough for taking the initiative. I’m terrified and hopeful and scared and surrendered. Would love to talk with you sometime. My e-mail address is: sixbrandons(at)sbcglobal(dot)net. Thanks so much! Bev

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