Posted by: Kim | April 15, 2009

“Ladies, can I ask you a question?”

This post really has no significant meaning so bear with me here.  I also know that the title really doesn’t make any sense but one day I will look back and laugh at it…really, I will.

Anyway…yesterday I had to go to N’ville for a checkup with my wonderful back doctor.  This was my 6 month post surgery check.  I received a great check and go back again in 6 months for final x-rays.  He told me to go on with life and pretend like this never happened.  Easy for him to say but whatever…I’ll try my best.

So anyone who knows me knows that I can’t go anywhere without some shopping.  I HAD to make a stop at what us 30-somethings fondly remember as Opryland (I really miss that place).  My main motivation for stopping there was to visit the Harry and David store (my family is crazy for that relish dip stuff they have).  Mission was accomplished…got stocked up and actually had some last night…YUMMY!!! 

I also came across what I consider the bargin of the year so far.  At the Journeys kids store I found a pair of pink croc boots (for Grace of course) for…are you ready for this…$9.99!!!!!  I nearly did a flip right there in the store.  She had been wanting a pair and I wouldn’t dish out the dough but $9.99 I can handle.  Now, if for some reason her feet grow really big over the next 6-7 months and she can’t wear them this fall/winter then I will consider this my first purchase for Christmas shopping (my niece will love them).

Now to get to the title of this post…I absolutely CANNOT stand those little kiosks in the middle of Opry Mills with the workers who get in your face every ten steps and say…”Ladies, can I ask you a question?”

First of all…you just did…ask me a question… so why did you ask if you could ask???  Second of all…don’t invade my space…please…I’m begging you.  Third of all…why are there so many of you?  I mean, I appreciate the fact that someone is trying to make a living and this is your job but for cryin’ out loud…does there have to be so many?  It probably wouldn’t bother me so much if there was only maybe 2 or 3 little spots for you to do your thing but I kid you not when I say I bet I was approached around 15 – 20 times.  It really makes me not want to go back there again.  I may have to start ordering my Harry and David supplys online.

Does anyone out there feel my pain?  How about you N’ville area readers?  Have you had similar experiences?



  1. I enjoyed reading your blog tonight..I love finding new blogs.

    This is a whole new world to me. Remember to stop by and sign up for my April giveaway. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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