Posted by: Kim | May 2, 2009

The washer saga continues…

You are never going to believe what came in the mail today!!!  Before I tell you what it was, you might want to go back to this post and read about my “great” washing machine. 

So, today I get a letter in the mail from Sears/Kenmore informing me that I might be eligible for an electronic control board upgrade AT NO COST.  My first thought was, “What’s the catch?”  Then my next thought was, “Oh, my washer is actually working corectly right now.  Do I really want to do this?”

After searching similar stories about the Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer online, I found this suggestion.  Hubby followed directions, except he didn’t have to clean the plug thingys, and my washer has worked like a charm ever since.  From what I have read, the problem I and thousands of others are having with this washer is all related to the computer control board.  Many people have already replaced this control board and paid hundreds of dollars for it, only to have the problem return (I bet they are maaaadddd).

What to do, what to do???  I’m sure I will probably end up calling Sears and having the silly thing replaced but I just know what will happen.  The day after I have this thing replaced, I will get that stinkin’ error code again.

Why can’t things just work the way they are supposed to work????


  1. I agree! Both my sisters and I got a new camera for Christmas and it has been such a hassle. And Wal-Mart says it had to be returned in 30 days. Well of course it worked good for the first 30 days with the battery pack it came with. But batteries that work has really been an issue. grrr

    Mom & I are shopping today… should I count how many times we get asked to answer a question? ha!

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