Posted by: Kim | February 21, 2010


Gosh…I wasn’t going to speak of this but it has really got me thinking about something so here goes. 

Today, I fell…hard.  I even have the skinned up knee, sore hand and sore ankle to prove it.  It has been a long time since I skinned my knee and let me tell ya…it hurts.  After lunch today, we decided to have some family time and loaded up the girls bicycles and headed to the walking trail.  The plan was for the girls to ride and Jeff and I to run.  I am still very determined to tackle this running thing and I believe it is going well…for someone who has never ran before.  Now, being determined can be coupled with some discouragement and this week I have been somewhat discouraged.  I did really well on Monday but haven’t been able to top my time for that day.  Well…I was determined to do a mile today so on the way to the trail, I prayed and asked God to give me perseverance during my run.  After my little talk with God, I was pumped…ready to face that trail head on.

So…off we go.  The girls riding their bikes and Jeff and I running.  Of course it didn’t take long for Jeff to get ahead of me but I was feeling good.  The girls were riding right behind me and I was jamming to some upbeat music.  I had just taken one of my earphones out so I could hear the girls if they needed me.  I had also just passed the 1/4 mile mark and knew I could make it to 1/2.  Then I knew if I could make it a half mile, I could make it 3/4 and so on.  You get the picture.  All was well in the world, everyone was having a good time…life was good.

Then it happened…

Grace kinda yelled out, and I ever so slightly turned to my left to see if she needed me.  She was fine and as I turned back, my ankle kinda twisted and I went SPLAT.  My left knee and hand took the brunt of the fall and there I laid…face down on the edge of the trail.  As I said earlier…Jeff was a little ahead of me jamming to his own music and had no idea this happened.  So the girls witnessed it all.  I was able to at least sit up but knew my knee was hurt as was my hand.  After all I have been through, I can tolerate pain pretty well so it didn’t take long for me to get MAD and disappointed that I didn’t reach my goal.  It was a matter of seconds and the tears started coming which completely freaked the girls out and Grace began to run towards Jeff and yell…at the same time, Jeff just so happened to turn around.  So, Jeff runs back to see the damage.  He offered to go get the car but I got myself together and finally got up.  To be honest, I was afraid I had really hurt my ankle so I gingerly (good word, huh?) put some weight on my foot and realized that it was probably ok.  My knee on the other hand was a mess.  Lila L.  was walking up about that time and gave me a tissue for my knee  (Thanks Lila!) and off we went back toward the car.  I even ran a little on the way back…I told you I was determined.  I am a little banged and bruised but I think I will quickly recover.

On the way home, this is the conversation Madison and Jeff had (they drove separately in the truck to haul the bikes)…

Madison:  You know Dad…the devil must really not want mom to do this running stuff.

Jeff:  Yeah, that must mean that God has something great in store for your Mom.

Madison:  Yeah…you’re right.

Jeff:  Or maybe she is just clumsy.

Thanks a lot sweetie…I hope you two got a good laugh out of that.

Anyway…after we got home, I got to thinking about this whole falling down thing.  Isn’t that the way our lives seem to happen…especially when we are trying to lead a Godly life.  We set our mind to something, make all our goals/plans and even know in our spirit we are doing God’s will for our lives.  Then…we fall…and sometimes it is a hard fall and we find ourselves face down in the dirt.  Disappointment and discouragement begin to swallow us up.  It is not a fun place to be and we begin to hear that lying voice of satan begin to say things like, “You should have know you wouldn’t succeed at this.  What were you thinking” and “I knew you couldn’t do it.  You are nothing but a failure.”

But the story doesn’t end there and satan does not have to win.  No matter how hard we fall or how many times we fall…God is always there to pick us up, dust us off and say “Don’t give up…don’t ever give up.”  Following God’s will is not always an easy process…we will get scrapes and bruises along the way but we can learn from our “falls” and persevere toward our goals.  Life is hard and bad things will happen and God will always want us to get up after we fall and “run the race”.  Even better than just wanting us to get up…He will equip us to do so and what a testimony we can be to those watching from the sidelines. 

On a little different note…when you see a brother or sister “fall” along the way, be the hands and feet of Christ and help them up, dust them off and give the love and encouragement to keep going on the path God has for them.  The bible tells us…God’s word tells us to encourage each other.  We are all on this journey together and we need each other.

So the next time you “fall”…call on God, let him help you up, bandage your wounds and help you refocus on the prize He has set before you.  He will not fail you…He will not leave you alone…He will supply all your needs and give you the strength to do all things!!!

God Bless – K


  1. good post. thanks for the encouraging words.

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