Posted by: Kim | March 28, 2011

This is my new normal…

After cancer, everything changes…or at least it did for me. 

1.  I have a new appreciation of life.  I want to take care of it.  I want to be healthy and I want my family to be healthy…in shape.  I want everything in my life to bring praise to God.  I fail miserably at times (more often than I really want to admit) but that is really what I want deep in my heart.  Great is the Lord and Greatly to be Praised…in everything, all the time.

2.  I have such a desire to pursue the Living Word of God…more than ever.  I love my Bible.  I love searching out scripture.  I love the way the pages feel and sound when I am flipping through them.  Is that weird?  I don’t really care if it is…this is my new normal. 

3.  I love to exercise.  Yes, I said it and I don’t want anyone to remind me of that.  I feel better when I do it.  More energy, mind clearer, sleep better, stress less, smile more…it really does work and at this point in time in my life, I enjoy it.

4.  Doctor bills and insurance statements take up way to much of my time and money…this is my new normal.

5.  Doctor appointments take up way too much of my time and money…again, new normal.

6.  I am now somewhat of a hypochondriac.  Every ache and pain sends my mind straight to the worse case scenario.  I am thankful for great doctors God has placed in my life that don’t mind my insanity.  This is my new normal…and they know that.

7.  I pray (a lot) that my girls and possible future grandchildren will never, ever be told they have breast cancer.  I pray that God let me go through it because He knew I could handle it and so that my girls won’t have to travel that path.  Please Lord, let it just be me.

8.  Today…this afternoon…I have to have a breast mri.  Most women get to have a yearly mammogram but not me.  My new normal is a mri.  One and a half hours of laying on my stomach with my arms stretched out like superman.  I am not looking forward to it…at all.  Beside the physical discomfort of laying still, in that position, for that long…my mind goes to the worst case scenario (see #6 above).  This is my new normal. (by the way, I would appreciate your prayers this afternoon around 3…that’s my appointment time but you can pray at any time you like…just do it, pray…please and thank you)

9.  I fear at times that my friends get tired of hearing about all of this but I can’t help it…this is me and this is my new normal.

10.  I don’t really have a #10 but I have to end on an even number.

Before I end this post, I would also like to ask that you join me in prayer today for a sweet lady I met recently.  I am not going to share her name because I don’t really know how much she has shared with others.  God knows who she is.  Anyway…she will be having a mastectomy this afternoon.  She is scared and nervous.  Please pray for her.

Blessings – K


  1. Kim, you will so be in my prayers today..I was 20 when my mom found her breast cancer and though I have been blessed to this point not to have been diagnosed with it I have lived with the fear for 40 years…after the first 20 I realized how much of my life I had given to this fear and just said to God, if it is to be I will accept it as your plan and I let it go..I pray that today all will be good and you will be able to have peace of mind that on God can give us! Nora Stewart

  2. I’ll be praying for you today Kim! Life on Earth is so unfair…luckily we know that when the trumpet sounds we all get a brand new normal! I think God definitely knew that you could handle this cancer and whip its butt too!
    Love ya, Brittany

  3. Just saw your blog using tag surfer. I wanted to say i am thinking about you and the breast mri, I always ask them to tell me how long each segment is, so i can breath deeply in between and mentally can prepare.

    that said, I just did a blog this week on the hypochondriac thing, boy it is hard. I like your blog, glad i found it today, and look forward to reading more


  4. praying, praying, praying

  5. Kim,
    Praying for you, J, and the girls. Hoping you receive only good news from your scan. Your testimony is such a blessing. You’re an amazing woman of faith! Love ya girl!!!

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