Posted by: Kim | June 2, 2011

Summer is…

1.  Kids home from school

2.  Higher grocery bill because of #1

3.  Pool time!!!

4.  Flowers

5.  Mowing yard

6.  Air conditioner

7.  The smell of suntan lotion

8.  The smell and feel of cold aloe vera gel when we don’t use enough #7

9.  Watermelon

10.  Garden (in-laws and parents) and fresh veggies

11.  Grilling

12.  Flies…ugggh

13.  Washing towels all the time because of #3

14.  Going to the beach (my happy place)

15.  Kids going to church camp (hope Grace doesn’t break anything this time)

16.  VBS

17.  Not getting dark until after 8:00

18.  American Idol is over 😦

19.  America’s Got Talent begins

20.  Schedule Free!!!!

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